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Sheetfed Offset Printing Explained

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Sheetfed Offset Printing For Your Business

Three common printing methods are sheetfed offset, web offset and digital printing. Today’s post is going to discuss sheetfed offset printing.

Sheetfed Offset Printing may be exactly what your business needs

It depends on the size of the piece being printed, but a general guideline to follow is:

Digital Printing – best for short run projects.
Sheetfed Printing – best for medium run projects.
Web Printing – best for large run projects.

With sheetfed printing, sheets of paper are fed into the printing press to be printed on. Some sheetfed presses contain what’s called a “perfector cylinder” and this enables the pressman to flip the sheet of paper so both sides can be printed on in one pass.

There are different sheetfed press sizes to handle various sizes of paper. And while the quality of sheetfed offset printing was once superior, web printing (and to some extent, digital printing) are right up there in quality now.

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