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The Power of Print Media and Navigating USPS Price Changes in 2023

In today’s digital age, there’s something wonderfully personal about receiving physical mail. In fact, 75% of recipients treasure that feeling of specialness when they find a well-designed piece of print media from their favorite brand in their mailbox. 

USPS marketing mail offers businesses an exciting avenue to connect with their audiences in this tactile manner. Yet, in 2023, as with many things in our ever-shifting economy, there have been some changes to the postal rates that marketers should be aware of.

The 2023 USPS Rate Overview

Due to inflation’s continued push and pull, the United States Postal Service underwent a rate change this year. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Standard Mailing Costs:

  • 1 oz. letter envelopes: 66¢
  • 1 oz. metered letter envelopes: 63¢
  • Additional weight: 24¢ per oz.
  • Postcards: 51¢

Enhanced Services:

  • Certified mail with tracking: $4.35
  • Electronic return receipt: $2.20
  • Physical return receipt: $3.55

Bulk Shipping: If you’re keen on sending out a significant volume, here’s what you need to know:

  • Marketing mail letters: 35.2¢
  • Marketing mail flats: 89.3¢
  • Non-profit rates: 19.7¢

Special Envelopes: Sometimes, your marketing materials need a bit more room. Enter flat rate envelopes:

  • Standard flat rate: $8.05
  • PME options for swift deliveries range from $23.75 to $25.35.

Parcel Costs: For when you’re sending something that just doesn’t fold:

  • Prices range from $7.64 for a 1-pound package to Zone 1 up to $19.90 for large flat rate boxes.

Dimensional Pricing: When size matters more than weight:

  • Cubic ft. rates vary from $7.79 up to 0.10 ft.³ to $8.74 for up to 0.50 ft.³.

These rates became effective as of July 9, 2023.

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Maximizing Your Print Budget in Light of the Changes

With 79% of consumers more inclined to act on print marketing over emails, the potential ROI can be substantial. Yet, there are still ways to make the most of your budget:

Evaluate Your Needs: Understanding the best USPS service that aligns with your objectives can lead to substantial savings.

Bulk is Better: Whenever you can, choose to mail in bulk. You could end up saving 30¢ or more on each item.

Expert Guidance: Partnering with a skilled print marketing specialist can offer insights into optimal print formats and cost-effective mailing strategies.

Taking Your Print Marketing to the Next Level

Now that you’re updated on the USPS marketing mail rates for 2023, it’s the perfect time to revamp your print marketing approach. At Ballantine, we’re passionate about optimizing your print and digital strategies for maximum engagement and ROI. Connect with us, and let’s create memorable mail moments for your audience.

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