Everything You Need To Know About USPS Informed Delivery  

Everything you need to know about USPS Informed Delivery  

Direct mail campaigns offer brands a consistent and effective means of contacting customers and have been shown to offer customers a higher degree of personalization than they receive from other marketing options. 69 percent say that they view mail as being more personal than the internet. The platform also works across all age groups. For example, for those between the ages of 18 and 21, response rates doubled in 2016.

Recently, the USPS announced a new offering: USPS Informed Delivery. Here is what we believe marketers should understand about this option and how it can potentially impact their returns from their direct mail marketing campaigns.

What is USPS Informed Delivery?

USPS Informed Delivery is an option that the post office slowly rolled out over the summer of 2017. Residents who sign up for the program have the opportunity to preview their mail before it arrives through a secure app. They can use this feature to keep track of their important mail, such as the impending arrival of bills or other important documents. Since they receive an image displaying all their incoming mail through the USPS tracking information delivery system, however, they will also be receiving an additional impression of the marketing mailers that they will receive.

Everything you need to know about USPS Informed Delivery  

How does the USPS Informed Delivery system benefit campaigns?

When a company reaches out to prospective customers through direct mail, they have only a few seconds to grab the attention of their prospects through the mailer. Users who have signed up for USPS Informed Delivery, however, will receive an additional opportunity to receive an impression of the postcard. This will decrease the risk of having direct mail be overlooked or ignored if it arrives on the same day as a lot of other mail.

USPS reports that customers who have tested this option have been pleased with the service. While 79 percent will check their physical mailboxes each day or almost every day, 88 percent will check their Informed Delivery notifications every day or almost every day. For marketers, this means greater consistency in reaching prospective customers and demonstrating value for them.

How can marketers take advantage of Informed Delivery?

Since Informed Delivery is a relatively new option, it has not yet reached high levels of penetration. Considering the strong reviews it has received, however, it can be expected to spread in the coming months. For this reason, companies should be prepared to leverage its potential.

  1. Incorporate clear, engaging wording. Since people with this program will first be viewing your mailing through a screen, use bold, clear letters and language that catches the eye so that readers feel intrigued. When they receive your letter in person, they will be more inclined to check it out.
  2. Use appealing images that catch the eye. Images can help draw people to your mailing and encourage them to read on.
  3. Plan carefully which campaigns should use sealed envelops and which should use postcards. Since postcards will be viewable through the app, certain campaigns may benefit more from the additional exposure.

Everything you need to know about USPS Informed Delivery  

What all marketers should know about the USPS Informed Delivery.

  1. The program allows customers to preview their mail.
  2. Since residents will get to see their mail before it arrives, marketers have the opportunity to provide prospects with two impressions of their mailing.
  3. Since Informed Delivery has been a popular mailing option, it increases the likelihood that customers will read the mailing, either through the account or in person.
  4. Marketers can take advantage of the Informed Delivery option by making sure that their mailing appears clearly and appealing even on a screen so that the first impression offers more value.

Informed Delivery from the US Postal Service offers both residents and marketers distinct advantages. Brands who want to take advantage of the latest trends within the marketing industry should pay attention to these developments to see how USPS estimated delivery time can help them better engage their prospects and see higher returns from their campaigns. Reach out to Ballantine to learn more about how we can help you maximize your direct mail potential. With decades of experience, we will help you take advantage of all the latest developments in the industry.