How do you know if your SEO is working?

Q: How do you know if your SEO is working?  A: SEO is a long-term play for sure, and it can be tough to tell if it’s working. SEO can take 6 months or longer to show results—and this depends on your industry. Organic traffic, which is driven by SEO, is an extremely important metric […]

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How has the world of paper changed?

Q: How has the world of paper changed?  A: The shift to digital marketing has been impacting print paper production for years. The shift to digital marketing has been impacting print paper production for years. Then along came the pandemic, and things got lots worse. The ripple effect has not only been felt in the […]

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What are Digital Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses?

Q: What are digital marketing strategies for local businesses? A: Online channels and strategies are the key to your success.  In today’s attention economy, visibility is imperative. Online channels and strategies are the key to your success. Problem is: You may feel all thumbs when promoting yourself in the digital world. In the past, you built […]

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How Much Does a Direct Mail Campaign Cost?

Q: How much does direct mail cost? A: Direct Mail: A Personal Way to Send Your Marketing Message Direct mail advertising works. In fact, it provides a personal way to reach your customers…and it can be used alone or as a complement to your digital and content marketing initiatives. There are many types of direct […]

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Why is Content Marketing Important for a Business?

Q: Why is content marketing important for a business? How can you produce content for my business if you aren’t in my industry? A: Content marketing is a must for your business!  These days, pleasing Google is half the battle.  Google likes fresh, relevant content. Ranking high on Google means you get noticed, and content […]

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How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

Q: How much does digital marketing cost? A: You Get What You Pay For! If you’re shopping around for agencies to help you with digital marketing—the marketing every business needs for your online presence—listen to a little voice in your head. It’s saying or should be, “You get what you pay for.”  That pretty much […]

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US House Sweeping Bipartisan Bill: US Postal Overhaul Coming Soon

Anyone involved in direct mail marketing should pay special attention to all external events affecting the industry. This especially applies to new laws and policies created to address issues affecting the United States Postal Service. Speaking of which, a sweeping bipartisan bill was just passed in the House and moves on to the Senate that […]

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Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2022

In 2021, marketing campaigns used more personalized content to fit each targeted group persona – instead of a generic blitz ad campaign. The end result was more marketing consistency across all channels and an improved customer experience. What digital marketing trends for 2022 can business owners expect? The latest trends in digital marketing for 2022 […]

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Acquisition: Opportunities Around Growing your Donor Base

When it comes to new donor acquisition, there are plenty of tactics that can be used. However, since there are so many, this makes it more difficult to not choose the wrong ones. At Ballantine, we go above and beyond to ensure that small businesses and organizations are able to make the best decision to […]

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What You Need to Know About the Current Postage Increase

Many of America’s small- and medium-sized business owners still depend on the United States Postal Service to handle their inbound and outbound mail and package deliveries. The USPS is a cheaper alternative to commercial carriers like FedEx and UPS. According to Forbes, “a 2019 report found that 70 percent of microbusinesses (fewer than 10 employees) […]

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