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A Guide on Designing for Direct Mail

Direct mail and print marketing are extremely effective marketing tools for a variety of different businesses and business models. In order to fully take advantage of the effectiveness that direct mail offers, a good direct mail campaign must be strategically planned, organized, and designed by a seasoned expert. Direct Mail Is Not Dead Before getting […]

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Creative Trends for 2019  

In the modern marketing world, customer expectations and trends constantly evolve. Brands who want to stay out in front of the curve need to make sure they stay abreast of the latest in marketing and advertising. As we get ready for the new year, here are the digital marketing trends for 2019 that everyone should […]

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2019 Graphic Design Trends to Watch

The world of marketing design is constantly changing, and staying on top of these trends in your own marketing strategies is a must if you want to be successful. Fortunately, we’ve done some of the hard work for you by compiling a list of what we believe will be some of the top digital design […]

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6 Creative Freebies to Include in Direct Mail Pieces

6 Creative Freebies to Include in Direct Mail Pieces [Infographic]

These days, executing a successful direct mail campaign takes some serious brainstorming and creativity. You want your prospective customers to not just see your direct mail pieces, but to open them and choose to do business with you. Including direct mail freebies can be a great way to impress your target audience while also increasing […]

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Millennials and Direct Mail: Why They Love It

As the ultimate digital natives, Millennials can only be reached through social media marketing, right? Not at all. A growing body of research suggests that this generation actually appreciates direct mail. A notable study from InfoTrends and Prinova shows that while all generations respond to direct mail, the response rate is particularly high for those […]

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Build It Up: Digital Marketing and Brand Awareness

There’s no denying the importance of establishing strong brand awareness, regardless of the industry in which your business operates. And with so many people using different facets of the web to inform their purchases these days, having a well crafted and carefully executed digital marketing strategy can make all the difference in helping your business […]

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