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Direct Mail Marketing: Don’t Guess, Track Your Success with These Tips

How to Track the Effectiveness of Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Direct mail marketing is a powerful tool. In fact, projections show that the global direct mail advertising market will reach $66.28 billion by 2025. However, tracking its effectiveness can be a challenge. But don’t worry, there are several ways to track direct mail marketing and make improvements.

Traditional Match-Back Campaigns

One effective strategy for tracking the success of a direct mail campaign is through traditional match-back campaigns. This involves matching a file of new business or donations with the previous mail file 2-4 months after the campaign to calculate the response rate. By doing this, you can determine how many people were influenced by the direct mail piece and took action as a result. 

Another way to track effectiveness is by putting a campaign code on the piece that can be identified when reviewing the data of new business or donations. This makes it easier to track the success of the campaign and make improvements for future mailings. With these strategies, you can ensure that your direct mail campaign is not only effective but also measurable.

Campaign-Specific Landing Pages

Creating a landing page that’s specific to a campaign is a great way to track the success of your direct mail campaign. This allows you to determine how many people are visiting your site as a result of your direct mail marketing efforts. Make sure the URL is easy to read and related to the campaign you’re running.

It’s important to ensure that people only reach this page from the direct marketing campaign. You can do this by adding a tag to the header of the page, not letting search engines crawl the page, and not having links to this page elsewhere on your site or in any email marketing.

Redirect with UTM Parameters

Another way to track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign is by redirecting users to another URL that leverages Google Analytics. This makes it easier to measure metrics like comparisons between direct mail and email marketing campaigns, revenue driven by direct mail, and direct mail response rates.

Personalized URLs

Providing personalized landing pages for each prospect allows you to collect consumer data for different individuals, which can help you better automate your platform for each user. Personalized marketing can make customers feel more involved, leading to stronger relationships between your brand and your audience.

QR Codes and AR

QR codes and AR can be very effective in engaging customers. You can generate QR codes for a specific URL, so when users scan the code with their smartphone, they’ll be taken directly to that URL. AR provides an interactive experience that helps drive user engagement.

Campaign-Specific Call Tracking Phone Numbers

You can tie specific phone numbers to direct mail campaigns or use online tracking services to get reports that you can integrate with your CRM system to track various metrics. You can also take advantage of additional features, such as call recording, that you can use to make future improvements.

Unique Coupon Code

Using a specific coupon code for a direct mail marketing campaign allows you to measure the coupon code’s usage and determine how effective the campaign is. A/B testing is also easy with this strategy, allowing you to see how different approaches can affect how successful a direct mail marketing campaign is.

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In conclusion, while digital marketing is on the rise, direct mail marketing can still be effective. Use the methods above to track the effectiveness of your campaigns and make improvements for future success.



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