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Using Flyer Printing Services to Expand the Reach of Your Message

Advantages Of Direct Mail Marketing

Flyer Printing ServicesThe simple flyer is one of the most basic options in a marketing toolbox, and flyer printing services can help you create effective flyers for your business. Flyers are printed on standard letter-sized paper, often just black text and images on colored paper. This simplicity minimizes the cost and labor required to create them, and they are just as easy to distribute. Flyers have enough real estate to include detailed information and can easily be slipped into mailers, or other media.

Use High-Quality Flyers

Utilizing custom flyers makes sense if your marketing has a local focus. For example, they can be used to announce a specific event such as a special gallery of local artists or a charity event at a local museum. Potential customers can digest the information in the flyer on their own time. The combination of local flyer printing with other marketing media ensures that the effectiveness of the flyer will be amplified.

Bulk Flyer Printing

An example of a successful flyer used for marketing is for the city of Stratford, in England. The city produced 400,000 flyers to advertise the city as a tourist destination and increase the number of visitors to the area. The flyers are part of an integrated marketing campaign that combines a wide variety of media, including press, radio, outdoor advertising and online marketing. This integration ensures that Stratford’s message is received by a wide variety of potential visitors.

Get the Best Flyer Printing Services Today!

Many marketing and print houses provide flyer printing services to help you design and create your flyer. The print marketing experts at Ballantine can help you develop a flyer that meshes with your other marketing media and delivers your message effectively. So when you’re considering options for your next marketing campaign, look at adding flyers into the mix.


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