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Why Your Business Needs To Consider Large Format Printing

Why Your Business Needs To Consider Large Format Printing

Why Use Large Format Printing?

Successful marketers have always known that a customers’ buying decision is initially based on their emotion rather than a detailed analysis of the benefits of a certain product or service. There is also considerable evidence that the human brain is far more emotionally responsive to visual stimuli than to those provided by the other senses.
For these reasons, arresting and appealing color images have a powerful impact on prospects, customers and the general public. With the use of modern large format printing (also known as wide-format or grand printing), it’s now easier and more cost effective than ever to create compelling and great quality images, logos and graphics.
Not only are these for long-term brand building, they can also be used very effectively for specific product promotions, traditional billboards outside stores or restaurants, or for window and checkout displays.
Whatever the campaign, well-designed and eye-catching large format advertising remains as effective today as it has always been.

Rapid & Cost Effective Large Format Printing

Modern printers allow the opportunity to work on larger spaces, as opposed to individual sheets of paper, utilizing the maximum available print roll width – which can be as much as 100 inches.
Generally, they use Ultra-Violet (UV) inks which may be aqueous (water-based) or the increasingly popular “curable”. These inks dry instantly on a variety of surfaces including canvas, vinyl, wood, metal and even glass or ceramics.
This kind of printing also offers excellent resolution, color, adhesion and weather resistance, so that these large and physically robust productions can work very well for:

  • external and internal signage for brick and mortar retail stores
  • wall decals
  • trade show booth displays
  • business presentations
  • in-store checkout displays
  • business vehicles

In retail stores, you can also use large cardboard cutouts of your business mascot, logo or even the business owner to attract the attention of customers.
The ability to produce such a wide variety of marketing materials very quickly makes large format printing a potentially very cost effective option for businesses of all sizes.
Modern large format printers vary considerably in their specification and the functions for which they are best suited, but in general, they take up relatively little space, are energy efficient and if an upfront investment is not an option they can be now be leased at very reasonable rates. They also integrate very easily with most IT systems
Although the technologies available are still evolving rapidly, the speed and versatility of modern large format printers already means that numerous marketing campaigns can be devised, tested and if necessary revised within days – perhaps even within hours.

A Successful Marketing Campaign

The success of any marketing campaign always depends largely on the effective use of professional creative services. Depending on the type of campaign, these may include:

  • a highly skilled and experienced marketing copywriter
  • expert graphic design images
  • the ability to source or create, size and adapt high-quality images

There are very few small to medium size businesses that can afford this kind of expertise on their full-time payroll, and the short-term hiring of specialist contractors can also be expensive.
That’s why Ballantine has prospered since 1966 by offering a one-stop solution to these challenges. Our highly experienced creative and design teams will liaise closely with you to help you plan, create and deliver a profitable large format marketing campaign which can if necessary be easily integrated with any of your online campaigns and will also help build your brand. Contact us today for expert advice on your marketing campaign.

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