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Finding The Best Supporter Cards For Your Needs

Finding The Best Fundraiser Cards For Your Needs

Whether you’re raising money for schools, civic groups, charitable causes, or any other organization or initiative, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Supporter cards are a great way to raise money while offering something concrete to supporters that makes them feel proud to be apart of your organization as a donor. But that doesn’t mean all cards are equally effective. When planning a campaign to raise money, it’s important to think carefully during the supporter card printing phase. By choosing the right type of supporter cards, you can attract funding and support from far and wide, all while keeping costs low.

What are Supporter Cards?

Before we consider the different types of membership support cards, it’s important to consider what these cards are in the first place. Supporter cards are certificates that recognize contributions that the bearer has made to your fundraising drive or other charitable cause. When raising money for an organization or cause, you can send these cards in the mail to anyone who has contributed more than a given amount of money to your cause. You can also mail them to anyone who participated in your cause for a long time or convinced others to get involved. Or, to simply entice someone to become a donor.

Supporter cards are a great way to show your appreciation for supporters. Their cost is relatively low, so you don’t have to set yourself back getting enough of them to reward all of your most loyal contributors. And because they are something concrete that supporters can carry around in their wallets, many contributors are eager to get their hands on them, and will make considerable donations since they know they can proudly boast their membership support card in return. Thus if you invest in these cards, you’ll have an easy time earning all the money you need while rewarding your most loyal supporters.

Finding The Best Fundraiser Cards For Your Needs

Myriad Forms of Supporter Cards

While supporter cards are effective in general, different types of cards carry a different perceived value. You’ll want to pick the right card for your budget. With that being said, you should consider all your card options, including:

  • Clean Release Cards– These cards are attached to a backer that is applied like a label to your letter or reply card. When your supporters receive them in the mail, they can peel them right off. You also have the ability to personalize the cards during lasering or inkjetting process.
  • Fixed Paper Laminated Cards– The thickest kind of card you can mail to supporters, this type is laminated on both sides so as to protect it from damage and moisture as well provide extra thickness. Supporters appreciate them because they are solid and sturdy. You can stick it directly on the mail piece that you send out with fugitive glue.
  • Integrated Cards– These cards are integrated directly into the letters that you mail them in. Because they are perforated, supporters can tear them right off the mail piece. If you’re on a tight budget, this would be your best option.

By matching your supporter cards to the way you’re raising money, the type of people you’re appealing to, and keeping within your budget, you create more value for your supporters. This makes them more likely to donate to you, bolstering your odds of success.

Finding The Best Fundraiser Cards For Your Needs


During a fundraising drive, fundraising cards:

  • Let you raise money and reward customers at low cost
  • Are available in clean release, integrated, and laminated forms
  • Should be tailored to the amount of money you’re raising, the people you’re appealing to, and your budget.

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