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How to Create A Postcard That Pops

Postcard Ideas for Marketing

It can be difficult to put parameters on something creative like how to create a postcard. Isn’t it all up for interpretation? While it’s true that creativity blurs the line between what is “good” and “bad”, there are certain things that work better for creative direct mail marketing. We’ve got you covered with the strongest ways to successfully present your postcards.

Here’s a fascinating statistic about postcard marketing:

“The DMA research shows a 9% average response rate for direct mail campaigns. In a recent JICMAIL report, “in Q2 of 2019…consumers engaged with 91% of all Direct Mail. By Q2 2020, this figure had soared to 96%.” So contrary to some views, direct mail is increasing in effectiveness.”
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Work From the Outside, In

Generally, the number one goal for any sort of direct mail package creative is simple: you want the customer to get inside the package so they can see your marketing message.

With envelopes, this can be difficult because your customer has to physically open the envelope to get to the message. Postcards, however, display your message on the outside of the piece, so you can entice the customer with your message without them having to open an envelope. The content is forward-facing on the front and back of the postcard, making postcards a very effective marketing strategy.

Rethink Traditional Sizes

Additionally, the size of a postcard is important. A 4.25 by 6 is traditional, but also rather small. Due to postal regulations, you need to dedicate a certain amount of clearance on the address side of the postcard for the outgoing address block. This leaves you with a very small amount of space on the other side for your marketing message.

Because of this, the most effective postcard marketing sizes are either 6 x 9 or 6 x 11. The best part is the postage is the same for either size. And, those all fit fairly efficiently on a press form. This way, your production is efficient and you’re maximizing the postcard rate — whether you’re commingling the mail or drop shipping it. A good rule of thumb here is to get a template for either size, so you know exactly where the address block needs to be and where all the postal regulations fall in.

Add A Finishing Touch

Special finishing can be very efficient on postcards. They can be done in one press run and increase the impact your mail has. You have many options when it comes to finishes. For example, you can add a UV coating for a glow in the dark effect, go with a grit coating, include something on the back of the postcard, or add any sort of embossing to make your postcard stand out.

Finishes can enhance your message, but they are also an effective piece for variable data. If you’re going to address the postcard with some sort of ink jetting, you can put a personalized paragraph copy within the same line of the address block to maximize the effectiveness of the postcard campaign.

Dare to Stand Out With Postcard Design

One thing you can try to make your postcard stand out is to change the landscape of the piece. Often, postcards are horizontal, so a vertical landscape can make your mail stand out. Something as simple as changing the layout can have a huge impact on your piece, like it did for Dollar Shave Club.

Another thing to consider when you make postcards is the stock you are using. Postcards tend to get abused in the postal sorting equipment, so it is recommended that you go with a heavier stock to protect your creative. Try not to go any lighter than a 120# cover to keep the postcard rigid and the message prominent.

Send to the Right People

The production side of creating postcards is often less expensive, as the postage is the same whether you do a 6 x 9 package with a bunch of components or just a postcard. With this said, it’s a very effective way to win back customers or advertise a sale to existing ones. If someone already knows your business, you don’t have to sell them with a lot of marketing copy and imagery; you can just sell them on what’s new, present a coupon or advertise a giveaway.

You can also target your postcards to your audience. This postcard for HomeAway changed based on where the person’s property was. So, if their house was in a ski setting, the imagery showed a picture of Aspen; if it was in a mountain setting, it showed a picture of a mountain range; if it was a beach setting, it showed a picture of a beach. This type of specific marketing is cost-efficient and has a high impact, and it can be very effective with postcard mailings.

When you start creating postcards, it’s super important to do some deep research and really get to know what your audience wants, what they’re into, and what problems they might be facing. Let’s say you’re a travel agency with awesome vacation packages to show off. It’s a fantastic idea to divide your mailing list into groups based on travel preferences—like those who love adventures, beach bums, or cultural explorers. When you tailor your postcards to these specific groups, you’ll give them a personal touch and deliver content that really speaks to them. This personalization can do wonders, boosting how much people engage with your postcards and increasing the chances of getting more conversions.

Prime Examples

Laundress did a piece that was an Every Door Direct Mail piece, and it was larger than an average postcard.

East Coast Toyota’s postcard featured four cars, advertising a new program they were offering. It was a 6 by 11 format, designed to hold all the copy needed without looking overcrowded.

The way that Dollar Shave Club laid out the copy was much different than anyone else, giving it a fresh look and making it stand out. See the piece featured in a Marketing Minute below!

Use QR Codes

Consider incorporating QR codes into your postcards for a seamless digital engagement experience. For example, restaurants can add a QR code leading customers to their online menu or offering exclusive time-limited discounts. This interactive element encourages recipients to use their smartphones to scan the code, driving traffic to your designated website or landing page. Be sure the QR code’s destination aligns with the postcard content and provides genuine value to the customer. Strategically using QR codes enhances the effectiveness of your postcard marketing campaign.

Embrace Variable Data Printing

Embrace variable data printing to personalize your postcards with recipient names, location-based offers, or past purchase history. For instance, a retail store can send personalized postcards with product recommendations based on the recipient’s previous purchases. Personalization not only grabs the recipient’s attention but also creates a sense of connection and relevance, making them more likely to respond positively to your marketing message.

Imagine receiving a postcard in the mail that’s tailored just for you, showcasing product recommendations based on your past purchases.

Cool, right?

That’s the power of personalization!
It’s not just about catching someone’s eye; it’s about forging a real connection.
When customers feel like you truly understand their preferences, it creates a sense of relevance and makes them more likely to respond positively to your marketing message.

So, don’t be shy—show your customers some personalized postcard love and watch the magic happen!

Leverage Customer Testimonials:

Elevate the potential of your postcards with the influential touch of customer testimonials and compelling social proof.

Imagine a tapestry of gleaming reviews, soaring ratings, and captivating endorsements from ecstatic customers, all converging to create an irresistible allure.For instance, let’s consider a real estate agency, masterfully infusing their postcards with snippets of exuberant testimonials from elated homebuyers. This artful approach reinforces brand reputation and prompts potential customers to seize the moment. Embrace the power of these captivating customer experiences and witness their profound impact.As recipients encounter the vibrant stampede of affirmations, they’ll be driven toward action, inspired by the shared joy of others.

By incorporating this professional yet persuasive technique, your postcards will reach new heights, captivating your audience in ways that leave a lasting impression.


Postcard Ideas for Marketing

Postcard Ideas for Marketing Postcard Ideas for Marketing Postcard Ideas for Marketing

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