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Benefits of USPS Informed Delivery for Marketers

USPS Informed Delivery Benefits

Informed Delivery is a new service that allows consumers to digitally preview incoming direct mail before it arrives. The post office sends pictures of each mail piece, also known as the informed delivery daily digest, on the day the direct mail arrives. The digest also includes tracking information for any package you are receiving. Consumers have to sign up for the United States Postal Service informed delivery service before they start to receive these updates. Although it was originally only available in certain areas, it is now a widely available service being used by over 33.6 million Americans and counting.

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Features of USPS Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery also includes the following features for businesses:

  • Create a Campaign via the Mailer Campaign Portal: Once you have gained access to the Customer Gateway, you will be able to create an Informed Delivery interactive campaign.
  • Pre-Campaign Analysis Report: From the Customer Gateway, you will have the option of creating a pre-campaign analysis report. This makes it possible for your business to evaluate how many people on your consumer list are already using Informed Delivery services.
  • Representative and Ad Image: An informed delivery campaign consists of a representative image and ad image. The representative image can either be a picture of the mailpiece or different artwork that looks more like a banner image. In addition to the representative image, there will be a smaller image called the ad image. Think of this as a Facebook ad. It’s similar in size but it will contain the offer or call to action (CTA).
  • Call To Action: Next to the ad image is the CTA text that contains a link to the landing page that you’re pointing the end user to. Keep in mind, if you’re currently tracking incoming traffic to your website through analytics, it is important to include UTM tracking within your link. This will allow you to see informed delivery as a traffic source.

Benefits of Using Post Office Informed Delivery

The benefits of using informed delivery for marketers are:

  • Most marketers are looking for a way to marry direct mail and digital, and on the most basic level, this is it. The ability to show an ad to a consumer that you know is getting your direct mail piece is pretty powerful.
  • Anyone in digital marketing knows how important it is to track open and click-through-rates. Through informed delivery updates, it is possible to track these for direct mail campaigns. According to a survey by USPS, 10% of users view their notifications through the Informed Delivery Mobile App, while 12% use the Informed Delivery Dashboard. 
  • For right now, it’s a free service that the United States Postal Service is offering.
  • Through the end user’s Informed Delivery portal and USPS Informed Delivery app, your direct mail ad lives on for days past receipt of the actual direct mail piece. Consumers can go back and view previous mail.

Key Takeaways

Informed Delivery…

  • Used by over 33.6 million Americans
  • Gives insights into open and click-through-rates for marketers
  • Provided as a free service, for now, by the USPS
  • Bridges the gap between direct mail and digital marketing

Informed Delivery: Direct Mail Marketing Services

Informed Delivery can be an amazing asset to companies and customers alike. Ballantine has years of experience in the print and direct mail industry. Contact our team of experts to expedite your company’s next print marketing strategy and we’ll craft a campaign best suited for your business!

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