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How Video Direct Mailers Create a More Modern Direct Mail Experience

Video Direct Mailer

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, and a single minute of video content is considered equivalent to 1.8 million words. This means that learning to incorporate video into direct mail design provides organizations with a reliable, efficient means of engaging with prospects and encouraging them to learn more about the organization.

Video Mail Marketing

Already 70 percent of Americans report that they find direct mail to be more personal than email, and including video in your direct mail provides organizations with the opportunity to take that level of personalization even further. They boost the effectiveness of direct mail marketing and create a seemingly individualized mailing. To create an effective direct mail marketing campaign with video, you need to understand how to appeal to your target audience and create a video that will draw them in. Here are a few direct marketing tips to get started.

Create a Strong Introduction With Your Video Direct Mailer

Keep in mind that people have attention spans that keep getting increasingly shorter– now down to only about 8 seconds. If you want to demonstrate to your target audience that your video is worth watching, you need to pull them into the material right from the beginning. Your video should start with a strong hook that engages people from the first few seconds, demonstrating to them that this video offers them something and thus it is worth watching. Consider starting with images that people can relate to or use engaging stories that include key facts that will interest them and inspire them to learn more.

Direct Mail Design

Include a clear statement of value

As with any direct mail marketing strategy, one of the key factors in the effectiveness of your efforts will be your ability to communicate the value to users. A video might be very engaging and encourage people to watch it all the way through, but if you do not let them know why the brand offers them value, then the return you receive from the effort will be poor.

Your video mail marketing approach should tie in closely with the pain point that you want to target for your particular audience, demonstrating that your brand understands what the customer needs and is ready to provide it for them.

Include the video in appealing packaging

Since direct mail videos are not particularly common, many customers who receive one of your mailings will be impressed and interested. To make sure these customers open the package completely and find the video, however, you need to also include appealing packaging.

In a direct mail marketing campaign, you want to always think about the colors and textures you use in your campaign. Design packaging that will encourage people to want to learn more.

Modern Direct Mail Experience

Incorporate with the video other ways for the customer to connect

Including video with your direct mail marketing campaign is an excellent way to demonstrate to prospects that you are digitally and technologically engaged. Continue this line of communication with your clients by incorporating more ways for them to remain engaged with you online or in-store. Offer QR codes that will take them to offer sites connected with the video or website addresses to connect with you on social media. Including appealing reasons for clients to click through– such as learning more about your offerings or exclusive deals– can help you encourage further conversation and engagement.

Bringing it all together

Video has quickly become one of the premier means of communicating with clients and has become a staple in modern direct mail. It provides you with tremendous potential to incorporate technology into your direct mail strategy. To get the maximum returns, consider using these strategies:

  • Create a strong introduction that hooks people immediately
  • Make a clear statement of value so customers know what you offer them
  • Include the video in appealing packaging
  • Integrate the video direct mail marketing with other campaigns to continue the conversation after the video finishes.

Improve Your Direct Mail Experience

Video has tremendous potential for engaging customers and starting the client-brand conversation. If you want to see how this technology can help you, consider reaching out to Ballantine. With decades of experience as a direct mail marketing company, we have the knowledge and technology to maximize your potential. Contact us today and we can discuss video brochures for your business and answer any questions about our video mailer examples shown above!