Ballantine Helps Boost Dominican Friars Foundation Fundraising Efforts

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Cultivated high valued donors through personalized direct mail efforts

Dominican Friars Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in New York, NY that unifies the various fundraising efforts to support the Dominican Friars work for parishes, hospitals, college campuses and a variety of evangelization apostolates. Just recently, the client wanted to send a particular cultivation piece to a very specific set of donors (a “spiritual enhancement" booklet about the holy spirit).  The client already had the book in stock, being a fairly unique item, and had hopes that Ballantine would be able to solve a threefold logistical problem for them. The Ballantine team formulated a process that both executes and expedites the donor cultivation campaign.


  The Process

1)  Print envelopes and cover note to accompany the booklet

2)  Direct the booklets themselves to meet up with the other printed components at the correct mail house

3)  Insert personalized notes with the booklets

Ballantine was able to complete this process in 7 business days.

“Whenever we have a small ‘one-off’ like this, where we want to mail something with as much personal touch as possible, perhaps involving hand-insertion or other special measures, etc, we work with Ballantine.  No other team we’ve ever engaged with can turn jobs like that around so quickly, accurately, or affordably.” – Senior Director, Marketing & Operations  

Unusual Elements

The Foundation also calls on Ballantine to execute much larger jobs – including their Newsletter mailings.  Almost every issue includes some unusual element (special insert, “director’s note", etc), and reaches a much wider distribution list.  Ballantine keeps track of the client’s drop-shipment list so that their 18 destinations each receive their own unique quantity of newsletters, and the bulk orders are often a different set of components and involve different finishing then the mailed package. The various moving parts required an organized strategy that Ballantine’s production team oversees. 

Most of the campaigns that Ballantine handles, requires a lot of personal attention to detail, allowing their fundraising clients to have a personal touch with their donor. With a close eye, remarkable customer service and 54 years of industry experience, Ballantine strives to meet all of its clients’ marketing goals.

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