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4 Types of Specialty Printing for Print Marketing

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The key to success for any direct mail or print marketing campaign is standing out — being unique in the sea of advertising clutter. One of the ways to accomplish this is by utilizing one of the many specialty printing capabilities in the market. Additionally, consumers remember direct mail marketing messages more than campaigns they’re exposed to on the Internet. There are quite a few industries that would especially benefit from these specialty printing services – they include automotive, travel and insurance, whereby investing in converting prospects to customers relies on that brief 2-3 seconds you get of attention from someone. This blog will show you how to incorporate 4 types of specialty printing into your next direct mail campaign. 

What is Specialty Printing?

Specialty printing is the idea of using something more than just the traditional print process to enhance your direct mail or print piece. UV coatings, foil stamping and debossing/embossing are all elements of specialty printing services that create stunning, memorable ads using state-of-the-art printing equipment.

4 Examples of Specialty Printing Types:

1. UV Coating

UV coatings can be applied over the entire direct mail piece or over specific areas, referred to as spot UV, by using a custom screen or plate to make elements of the piece stand out for immediate recognition by consumers. UV coatings can be done both in-line, on a UV press, or offline by screen printing. UV coatings are available in gloss, matte, and satin, as well as other specialty finishings such as grit, tints, and glitter. UV coating not only enhances the appearance and feel of direct mailings but also acts as a sealant to protect the direct mail piece while in transit to the mailbox.

2. Foil Stamping

To give your direct mail piece a distinctive, mirrored effect using gold, silver or other metallic hues, foil stamping is a popular specialty printing service. Hot foil stamping involves applying metallic foil or pigment to paper with a hot die. Like offline UV coating, this cannot be done on press and utilizes secondary equipment – it’s an offline process. This is important to consider when looking at budget constraints. 

3. Aqueous Coating

Aqueous coating is done on press – inline – and can act as a barrier between the elements and ink. Therefore, it applies a little protection to your finished product. It has limitations with the ability to select certain areas of the piece and apply the coating like a spot UV, but it can be used to apply a soft touch, gloss, or dull finish to your overall printed piece. This would likely be the most cost-effective form of special printing. 

4. Debossing and Embossing

What better way to attract a busy consumer’s attention than by giving dimension to your direct mail piece using embossing (raising areas of paper) or debossing (indenting areas of paper). It will force the consumer’s eye to navigate the piece as if it was a 3-dimensional object enhancing the perceived value and usefulness of your product. 

Paper Used by Specialty Printing Services

A specialty printing company offers a variety of paper options, including plastic, textured and heat-resistant paper. Some types of paper work better with certain kinds of specialty printing, and a stock heavier than 80 pounds is almost always recommended. Ask our printing experts at Ballantine for recommendations regarding the best paper and specialty printing combinations.

Ballantine Specialty Printing Services

With years of experience leading the printing industry, Ballantine upholds a visionary yet practical approach to our clients’ expectations and goals. By maintaining a keen, inquisitive focus on the printing industry, we continue offering new and existing clients the best of direct mail and specialty printing technologies. Let our expertise and imagination expedite your company’s next print or digital marketing endeavors. 

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