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The Finishing Process: How The Indigo 12000 Saves You Money & Creates A Beautiful Product

Digital Print Finish

When you work with a digital printing company, the goal is to love the final product — a crisp, clean print that meets your specifications exactly. What you may not know, is the extensive print finishing process that often needs to take place before a product is delivered to the customer. Finishing must be completed perfectly, and the process can be expensive and time-consuming. When you work with a digital printing company, it is important to know that they’re not cutting corners in any area – including the finishing process.

What Is A Print Finish?

We’ve talked about types of digital printing but there’s more to it than just getting perfectly crisp, vibrant sheets hot off of our press. Our previous blogs have discussed increasing the personalization of your digital copy, and how increasingly personalized digital print finishes can help your business stand out from the competition.

Digital Print Finish

This blog will take the conversation to the next level by explaining what happens when your print job is complete — but has yet to pass through the finishing process. We’re committed to meeting your exact needs, and some of the unique finishing processes with digital printing is where the magic happens.

The Indigo 12000 And The Personalized Finishing Process

Recently, we produced a new member kit for a hospitality client. The project involved multiple inserts going into a folder, delivering information in a neat, organized way.

Typically, we would print this offset, apply our coatings and collate the job offline, resulting in perfectly organized sheets ready to be placed into folders. However, the Indigo 12000 makes the job a bit easier and, therefore, less expensive. Running the job on the Indigo 12000 allows us to use a larger sheet size, creating a faster output.

During the personalization process, we’re able to make each piece unique. The finishing process with the Indigo 12000 is similar. Using the Indigo printing process technology, we’re able to digitally collate the pieces (printing them in order), and then restart the order once the set is complete. After the printing process is done, we manually move the large sheets over to the cutter and cut them in lifts (using slip sheets) so we can easily pull out each complete set.

The Indigo 12000: What You Need To Know

Check out these Indigo 12000 specs and facts:

  1. Sheet size is 29.5” x 20.81”
  2. Prints utilizing HP’s electroink
  3. Prints 4,600 sheets per hour
  4. Ability to print up to 8 colors
  5. Ability to print up to 200 line screen

The Indigo 12000 doesn’t just churn out insanely high-quality jobs at insane speeds, it is also cost-effective. On the project discussed above, we were able to cut 15% off the total cost, simply by utilizing digital printing techniques instead of going the conventional route.

Staff and clients agree that there’s absolutely no noticeable difference between the Indigo 12000’s jobs and a job done with the traditional method of lining up the dots on a conventional press.

What is a print finish


  • Print technology is changing, and top print finishing is more advanced than ever.
  • Using digital print finishes and utilizing best practices isn’t just more convenient, it saves you money.
  • Digital printing on the Indigo 12000 provides the same clean, crisp look you’ve come to love from the conventional printing process.

Ready To Step Up Your Print Materials? We’ve Got You Covered

At Ballantine, we’re obsessed with creating the perfect print job for your business, from the start to the finishing printing of the final product. We’ve got the right print finishing equipment to deliver impeccable quality, and we’re here to meet all your printing needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about our printing options so that we can help you take your printed materials to the next level.

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