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How To Select The Best Colors For Direct Mail Marketing

Best Colors for Advertising

Think about the last time a direct mail piece caught your attention. What colors were used for the piece? There is a good chance that the color scheme was not only visually pleasing, but it was also able to evoke a certain feeling that you are closely related to the brand, product, or service that the ad was showcasing.

That’s the power of direct mail marketing colors!

When it comes to direct mail design, not all colors are equal. Below, we’ll discuss a bit more about what you should consider when choosing a color scheme for your next direct mail campaign as well as which colors evoke certain emotions.

With so many options to choose from for your direct mail marketing materials, how can you decide which are the best colors for advertising? Read on to find out which colors create the most effective direct mailers.

Choosing a Color Scheme

Identifying a color scheme for your next big direct mail campaign is no easy task. You want to create a mail piece that stands out but only for the right reasons. That’s why it is important to only choose colors that complement one another while also getting the right message across to the viewer.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a color scheme:

    • Don’t choose clashing colors.
      Try to avoid colors that clash with one another or colors that may distract from any text or images you are using for your content. This could end up being a real headache for the viewer. Which is not good!
    • Choose from colors that are on brand.
      Make sure that you are using the colors in your direct mail marketing that are in line with your brand. This is where a brand identity document can come in handy. Brand identity documents show everything from good and bad brand colors to fonts and how to use the logo.
    • Pick colors that evoke the right emotions.
      The best way to get the right message across is by choosing colors that stir the right kind of emotions in the viewer. We will get into that a bit more below.
    • Pay attention to text.
      When deciding which colors to use in your direct mail piece, don’t forget to pay attention to text colors and location.

Considering Color Psychology

Another thing to consider when exploring a color palette for your marketing materials is the psychology of color. People associate different colors with different thoughts and emotions. Business owners can use this to their advantage when choosing which colors they would like to use in their marketing campaigns to try and boost direct mail response rates. By using colors that evoke certain emotions, brands can build relationships and connect with the consumer on a deeper level.

Here are some of the colors that you might consider using in your direct mail marketing campaigns and which emotions each one is associated with:

Red – This color typically used to create a sense of urgency, which may be why you often see this color used during clearance sales. Red is also associated with movement, excitement, and passion.

Blue – This color is often used by brands to promote trust in their products and services because this color is associated with security, peace, and reliability. Blue is also the preferred color of male consumers.

Green – Brands sometimes use green within their stores to relax customers because this color creates harmony within the brain and encourages balance. This color is also often associated with power, nature, and tranquility.

Orange and Yellow – These colors are more cheerful colors that promote a more optimistic attitude while also creating a sense of urgency that can cause more impulsive buyers to act.

Purple – This color has been known to stimulate problem solving and creativity within the mind. Purple is also associated with respect, intelligence, and royalty, which may explain why it’s often used to promote beauty and anti-aging products.

Once you learn more about color psychology, you can more effectively choose the colors that will help you achieve your direct mail marketing goals.

Now that you know more about the best colors to use with your direct mail campaign, you can make a more informed decision about which color scheme to use with your direct mail marketing materials. You can choose the colors that will get the right feelings across to your consumer.

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