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Acquisition: Opportunities Around Growing your Donor Base

When it comes to new donor acquisition, there are plenty of tactics that can be used. However, since there are so many, this makes it more difficult to not choose the wrong ones. At Ballantine, we go above and beyond to ensure that small businesses and organizations are able to make the best decision to help grow their businesses. With that in mind, here is a list of techniques to boost donor acquisition.

Best Donor Acquisition Strategies

If you are looking for the best donor acquisition strategies, you have to take the time to consider your options. Some of which are:



Different Direct Mail Formats 

Just because you are using direct mail and putting ink on paper, doesn’t mean you have to use a cookie-cutter format. Test.Test.Test. Don’t just use one format for each mailing. If you have the volume, try to always add a test panel to the campaign. That can be something as simple as using a close faced envelope instead of a window envelope. Like some non-profit organizations do, mail a freemium to your existing and potential donors. This can be a great way to compel them to donate to your organization. Contrary to popular belief, people still read paper books. They would really appreciate a bookmark that can be cost effective and has a high perceived value. 

Linking with Digital Channels 

Another strategy would be to link the digital channels. Rather than focusing solely on your direct mail strategy, you can start posting similar artwork across various social media channels, to the same or similar audience. In other words, the creative and messaging you are using in your social media channels should be consistent with what you’re using in your direct mail campaign. It reinforces your core values, meaning and goals. You’ll likely see some action through the social media ads, but even better, an uptick in your direct mail response. 


In keeping with the point above, using social media as a fundraising channel can help organizations diversify their donor list. If you are searching for simple ways in terms of how to diversify your donor base, taking the time to link your campaign with digital channels can be a bright spot. And consider digital standalone campaigns as well. They can be set up and executed in less time than direct mail. Let’s face it, the majority of fundraising was previously done via direct mail. However, given that younger generations prefer to get their information and interact online, they might be less likely to respond to direct mail.


Key Takeaways

  • Companies and organizations should always be looking for ways to grow their donor bases.
  • Organizations should take the time to uncover the most efficient way to acquire new donors. 
  • Some ways to get more donors are by using different direct mail formats, by linking with digital channels and by focusing on diversification.

Overall, if you are seeking new ways to attract donors, there are plenty of options. For nonprofits struggling to acquire new donors, Ballantine is here to help. Working with us will provide you with tried and tested methods to help you upgrade and diversify your donor list. We specialize in providing methods that are both cost-effective and successful for small businesses and organizations. You’re just one campaign away from having the donor list of your dreams! Contact us today for a quote and more information.