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Rally Awesome Supporters With These 7 Campaign Materials

Rally Awesome Supporters With These 7 Campaign Materials

You’ve seen the effect of the recent Presidential campaign on social media, but the offline components of keeping your voting base fired up are every bit as important — or more so. From rally signs and posters to postcards and flyers, volunteers from all political parties are looking for ways to encourage their loyal base to get out and vote. It is not too late to use these 7 highly effective materials to influence voters in your next campaign. Tensions are usually running high on all sides, so providing volunteers with a way to drive excitement for their preferred candidate is a true political win.

1. Rally Signs

Be sure the candidate sees your support with rally signs. Printed on heavyweight card stock, rally signs show your support and let the candidate know you support them. Rally signs are ideal for a variety of political events and can also be used to show your thoughts on specific topics inside windows or on interior walls. While the cardboard will not hold up for outdoor use, rally signs can still have an impact for your candidate or cause.

2. Posters

Political posters come in a variety of sizes and styles, but they can still make a difference even in this media-driven world. Americans are bombarded with media materials from all sides, but a well-designed poster can be truly eye-catching for those who are not buried in their electronic devices. You can also set up an array of posters to drive home your theme, or stick to one central theme to reinforce your core message.

3. Banners

Need to make an impact on voters while they’re stopped at an intersection or headed down the road? Large-scale election banners offer you the options that you need to proclaim your message to a broader audience. Although some are convinced that political signs and banners are effective — and that they can be used to create unofficial battlegrounds around the prime territory.

4. Push Cards

Having campaign literature at your fingertips in a highly portable format can be a challenge, but campaign push cards can get your point across quickly! Matching your push cards to your political collateral offers the most effective use of your advertising dollars — which is easy when you use our team for all of your print marketing needs.

5. Postcards

“Get out the vote!” sending out postcards can be one of the most cost-effective ways to reach individuals, even in today’s digitally-connected world. Postcards provide an entry into homes of baby boomers who may not be as Internet-connected as the younger generations. Since Ballantine is a one-stop print and mailing shop, you won’t waste time looking around for a convenient and cost-effective mailing service.

6. Flyers

Providing flyers that your volunteers can hand out can help you canvass specific demographics or groups quickly as they shop at local venues or along the street. Pass them out at local establishments — you’ll appreciate the additional space that flyers offer to expand on your candidate’s core messaging points.

7. Brochures

Present your candidate’s value proposition in a compelling way with printed brochures! Brochures are an effective way to provide deep details into campaign strategy or lay out complex ideas in a more simplistic and straightforward way with pictures and graphs. Brochures offer the best of both worlds — enough space to expand upon your message, but cost-effective enough that you can afford to pass them out to a broader audience.
Our wide variety of marketing material means you are sure to find the right materials to make your campaign as effective as possible. Learn more about Ballantine and our print and digital media offerings today by contacting us today!