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Personalized URLs – What Are They and How Can They Work For You

Advantages Of Direct Mail Marketing

There are many ways to contact your customers or prospects these days, from direct mail campaigns to email to social media and more. Something you may have heard of and or not really understood are personalized URLs.

PURLs, as they are known in alphabetic shorthand, are unique, personalized web addresses created specifically for each recipient of your postal or email marketing campaign. They may look like this:


Each recipient gets his own address which leads him to a unique online destination or “landing page” where he learns about your offers and services. Your offers likely have been chosen for him based on his demographics. Or you personalize his landing page to make him more likely to respond to your offer. It’s almost like a personal phone call to your client to let him know about your newest offers and how they will benefit him. But it gives your client or prospect the benefit of responding to your offer at any time that is most convenient for him, day or night.

The benefits for you are manifold:

  • You can establish direct and precise contact with your prospects quickly, easily and economically.
  • Each customized landing page will be tailored to the customer’s needs and will enhance your offerings.
  • There are comprehensive reports available to analyze who is interacting with their personalized landing pages, and who is not.
  • These results can be tracked and reviewed by you at any time.
  • You can quickly fine-tune your direct marketing efforts for greater effectiveness and response.
  • Your response rates might rise with this kind of customer focused marketing.

PURLs are just one more tool in the arsenal of direct mail marketing options. They make it easy to track responses and, if done right, provide a good user experience.

Would PURLs be effective for you? Let’s chat – please contact us.

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