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Heat Up Your Summer Numbers: Tips to Boost Your Summer Sales Campaign

Tips to Boost Your Summer Sales Campaign

The numbers on the thermometer are rising, and you’re looking to see the same increase in your sales numbers. One way to do so? A summer sale.

Nothing works better to draw in customers from their outdoor adventures than a good deal. The promise of a percentage off, an enticing dollar-reducing discount, or a free bonusitem can bring customers and prospects to your door, ready to spend.


What’s in a Name?

With only two major events between your Memorial Day sale and any Back-to-School specials, it can be hard to find inspiration for your sale campaign. Try out these three surefire summer sale inspiration ideas:

Happy (Lesser-Known) Holiday!

Offer a Christmas in July sale. July 25 falls at the perfect time for a sale. Customers are feeling the mid-summer slump, the holidays and activities have ended, and the right spark can send your sales through the roof. Deck yourselves out in lights and invite Santa to join your marketing.

Or, try another celebration on for size. The National Day Calendar lists every “Day of” option out there.  Offer a sale for Get to Know Your Customers Day, which falls this year on July 21, or find a day that fits into your business and corporate culture: Aug. 16 is National Tell a Joke Day. Invite your customers to bring their favorite one-liners for a discount.

Serve and Save

Many nonprofit and charitable organizations find that wishlist items are scarce in the summer, and donations are needed year-round for successful operations. Consider offering customers a discount if they bring an item to donate to your chosen charity, or allow them to contribute financially.

Center the sale around a certain day, and consider inviting the charity to set up a booth. You’ll make a significant impact, a non-profit will greatly appreciate the attention and support, and your customers will get to help others while saving money.

Hold a Special Event

From a “Customer Appreciation Reception” to a “How-To Event,” a virtual sale or a clearance calendar, there are many different ways to start your summer sale.


Promoting Your Summer Sale: Spread the Word

There are a few factors to consider when you want to share information about your summer sale.

  • Timing: Start letting people know about the sale at least a month in advance, but make sure that you reach the customers who are most likely to take advantage of the sale. We’ve created a step-by-step plan to get your message seen by the right audience that takes you from picking the right audience to choosing the right social media and promotional strategy and creating long-lasting work that will stick with your customers.
  • Creating Your Campaign: Let’s back up to the promotional strategy of marketing your campaign. There are a few different ways to reach people, but it essentially comes down to push or pull marketing. Push marketing includes printed pieces like postcards, advertisements, brochures, flyers and mailings — physical pieces that will bring your message to an audience and give them something tangible to keep. Pull marketing, on the other hand, uses the essentials of content marketing to attract potential customers. From blogs and social media posts, to free guides and other whitepapers, your brand pulls in new prospects by offering them more for their money. When you are looking at ways to market your summer sale, consider a mix of both components.

Flyers and emails are some of the most popular ways to promote sales because they often include coupons. Craft your plan with these two marketing tools to see the biggest impact.


Set Up Your Sale: Building Your Basics

When it comes time to develop the logistical components of the sale, it’s important to develop an internal piece that will keep you focused on the main reason you are holding a sale. Do you want to hold a sale to reach more customers? Are you hoping to move more product? Think about the end goal for the sale, and build your details and marketing strategy around that reason.

As you make your decision for the sale, it can be challenging to set your discount rate. Some businesses hold a staggered sale that starts with a smaller percentage, around 15 percent, and build throughout the sale to a greater percentage, like 75 percent. Others offer a different sales strategy each day: one day may include a free gift, another day could be centered around a discount, and yet another might offer a scratch-off or surprise discount. Whichever route you choose, set a discount that will be significant enough to attract customers and prospects.

Much of this strategy also depends on the length of the sale. Some businesses have found that pop-up or flash sales that only last a short period of time generate excitement and boost sales; others will allow for a one- or two-week cycle. Think about your long-term goals. A company looking to reduce inventory and sell products may find that they prefer a longer sale, while a company offering a flash sale will need to heavily promote the time period, and will then increase their customer base.

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