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How to Get Lucky With Different Marketing Strategies

How to Get Lucky With Different Marketing Strategies

There are a variety of marketing channels that hold the potential to place your product or service in front of as many potential consumers as possible. It can be difficult to decide which single channel to focus on and predict which one will generate the most profitable results for your business. The trick is to find a way to access several different marketing strategies and combine them with one marketing campaign that boosts revenue while working to give your company a competitive market advantage in the process.

You can accomplish this by combining several different marketing strategies into one integrated marketing campaign. Placing your promotional message across several different marketing channels creates an effective presentation that raises your brand awareness and increases the level of trust that your target market audience places in you. Here are some tips that can help you have success with different marketing strategies.

Understand Your Target Audience

Before you can begin any marketing campaign or put any plan to work, you must first develop a complete understanding of who is in your target market audience. Conduct extensive research to determine demographic and psychographic features of the customers in your audience.

Pinpoint factors such as what your audience’s interests are, what motivates them to make purchases, and where they live. Identify what media channels they prefer using for communication purposes. Determine what, if any, social media channels they use as a part of daily life. All of this information comes together to create a picture of who your marketing strategies are working to target.

Select Marketing Channels

The marketing channels that you select to incorporate your marketing strategies need to match where your target market audience goes for information. Start selecting your channels by asking yourself what strengths and weakness each marketing channel maintains and how those channels will help move you towards the achievement of your business objectives.

Keep in mind that not every available marketing channel will be the right fit for your campaign. Focusing all of your marketing efforts on a social media marketing channel when your audience prefers contact through direct mail will result in disastrous marketing efforts that sink your budget.

Consistency Is Key

It is imperative that all of your marketing pieces maintain the same level of uniformity across the board. This creates a visual identity that target market customers and your industry associate with your company. Maintaining a consistent appearance extends beyond placing a logo image next to your business name on all of your promotional items.

Consistency focuses on establishing a look and a feel for your business’s image. Your customers can receive a piece of direct mail and instantly feel a connection to your website when consistency executes correctly. An email newsletter creates a visual image of the coupons sitting on a kitchen counter. It all works together to establish an effective, presentable message that raises brand awareness for your company.

Content Is King

Executing a marketing campaign is a time-consuming process. You need to focus on ensuring that you are sending out the right promotional message to the right group of people. There is so much activity taking place that you need to streamline what you can and avoid reinventing the wheel when possible. As the campaign gets underway, create content for use across your select marketing channels.

Studies have shown that it takes most consumers receiving exposure to a promotional message a minimum of five times before that message begins to resonate with them. Capitalize on this by creating one piece of content that can easily transfer across marketing channels. Maintain the same keywords in each piece you create. When you make small adjustments to accommodate another marketing channel presentation format, make sure the keyword phrases remain the same. It works to establish an additional level of consistency that raises brand and company awareness.

For example, conduct a case study on how your product resolves a particular problem in your target industry. Take that case study and share a portion of it in your next email newsletter. Tweet the highlights and make a blog post providing insight information on the key components of the case study.

Message Integration

Every aspect of your promotional message should work towards one main goal that you want to achieve with your target market audience in mind. You may be looking to drive more Internet traffic towards your website. Accomplish this by integrating other marketing channels into your message so that readers can easily share that promotional message with their networks.

Integrate a connection to your website by placing a link in the email newsletter content. Integrate your website name into press release content. Any method you choose for integration will work as long as each integration point works towards your main goal.

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