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6 Unique Freebies To Include In Creative Direct Mail Pieces [Infographic]

Creative Direct Mail Pieces

These days, executing a successful direct mail campaign takes some serious brainstorming and creativity. You want your prospective customers to not just see your unique direct mail pieces, but to open them and choose to do business with you. Including direct mail freebies can be a great way to impress your target audience while also increasing your brand awareness. And believe it or not, creative direct mail campaign freebies don’t have to break your marketing budget.

Check out our direct mail infographic below and consider implementing some of these effective direct mail examples into your next creative mailer campaign for better chances of success.

Creative Direct Mail Pieces


Bookmarks are extremely inexpensive to print but will come in handy to just about anybody. Consider printing a set of bookmarks with your company name, logo, and contact information so it is easily accessible to your potential client. Even for those who don’t use bookmarks for reading, these inexpensive freebies can be useful for marking a page in one’s planner, calendar, or other documents.


Who doesn’t love expressing themselves with quirky decals? These are not only inexpensive to print but are generally lightweight and thus easy to include in your direct mail campaign. Rather than simply printing your company name or logo on a decal, however, try to print something that can be associated with your brand but that people will want to display on their car windows or elsewhere. Consider, for example, a fun catchphrase or slogan.

Laptop Stickers

Similar to decals, laptops stickers have quickly become a popular means of expressing oneself. You could even use the same print design that you used for your decals, making this a versatile, personalized option for when you want to send out more than one direct mail piece. You might even consider sending out a decal and laptop sticker in the same direct mail campaign, depending on your budget and your target audience.

Seed Packets

Another super creative option to consider when it comes to direct mail freebies is that of live seed packets, which will come as a nice surprise to any prospective customer. Not only are seed packets extremely inexpensive, but they’re also lightweight and thus affordable to ship. Plus, your recipients will love that you’re thinking of the environment by sending out something to beautify their lawns.

Credit Card Holders

For a direct mail freebie that your prospective clients will get plenty of practical use out of, consider a cell phone wallet/credit card holder. These promotional pieces are inexpensive but extremely useful, allowing for easy and convenient storage credit cards. You can create these with your company name and/or logo so your recipient will remember your brand every time they check their phone or pull out their credit card.

Useful Magnets

Magnets have long been a popular form of direct mail freebie, but why not make your promotional magnet useful for more than just sticking things to the fridge? Instead, consider an innovative magnet with a built-in ruler or liquid measurement reference to use while cooking that will get more use. This means more exposure for your brand name, so it’s a win-win for all involved. Keep in mind that due to their weight, direct mail magnets can be a little more expensive to ship.

With direct mail marketing continuing to remain popular in terms of marketing, your business needs to branch out with more creative strategies such as utilizing freebies. Spoiling your prospective customers with freebies doesn’t have to eat up your entire marketing budget. And with 70%-80% of recipients of direct mail these days actually opening the mailer envelopes, it’s all about what’s inside. You can launch a successful direct mail campaign with such affordable freebies as:

  • Bookmarks
  • Decals
  • Laptop Stickers
  • Seed Packets
  • Credit Card Holders
  • Magnets

Looking for more creative things to send in the mail? Need a direct mail creative agency to help take your print marketing to the next level? Contact the Ballantine team today!

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