creative trends 2019

Marketing Minute: Why Triggered Direct Mail Is a Top Creative Trend in 2019

In this Marketing Minute, Josh explores what Triggered Direct Mail is and why it has become such a big trend for marketers in 2019. Ballantine, a direct mail marketing agency since 1966, has the knowledge and experience to identify these direct mail trends and implement strategies accordingly. Contact us today to learn about our direct […]

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LinkedIn Ad Tip

Marketing Minute: LinkedIn Ad & Non Profit Direct Mail Tips

LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly important platform for outreach and has some new features that many businesses will find useful.  Ryan explains these features in this marketing minute while Matt goes over a non profit direct mail strategy that can increase donor engagement and overall donations! As a print and digital marketing agency, Ballantine can […]

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direct mail agency

Marketing Minute: Holiday Direct Mail Tips

In this Marketing Minute, Matt shares several direct mail tips for the holidays to ensure your marketing efforts stand out to current and potentially new customers. Ballantine has been a trusted direct mail marketing agency since 1966. We have the experience and print marketing services that can help your company’s direct mail marketing strategy.

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improve website ranking

Marketing Minute: Google Page Speed and Custom Envelope Windows

Site speed has been confirmed as one of the many Google ranking factors, and many SEO experts believe it to be one of the most important ones. In this Marketing Minute, Ryan shares a free tool that you can use to figure out your Google site speed on both desktops and mobile devices. This tool […]

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postcard marketing

Marketing Minute: Synergy & How to Stand Out With Postcard Marketing

Synergy is always an important goal for every business, but it’s grown increasingly vital for digital marketing agencies. In this Marketing Minute, Ryan explains why synergy is necessary and goes through several examples of how your digital teams can work with each other. Matt focuses on postcard marketing in this video, pointing out why the […]

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why digital marketing

Marketing Minute: Using LSI Keywords & Direct Mail Finishes

LSI keywords are keywords that Google finds relevant to the main keyword you’re using when creating content. Ballantine’s director of digital services, Ryan, discusses why LSI keywords should be used for your pages and posts while explaining how to tap into these related keywords. Matt focuses on direct mail finishes in this Marketing Minute and […]

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advertising strategies

Marketing Minute: Getting Creative With Negative Space

When it comes to direct mail advertising, many businesses and marketers believe in using all of the space for their mailers, forgoing all negative space and utilizing every square inch of space. While this method can be successful, there are also times when businesses should embrace the negative space to achieve success. In this Marketing […]

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direct mail design

Marketing Minute: Seasonality In Direct Mail

When it comes to direct mail advertising and marketing, it’s all about the timing of your campaign. In this Marketing Minute, Matt talks about how seasonality can affect your next marketing endeavor and why you should contact your list provider immediately. Subscribe to the Ballantine YouTube channel for more direct mail marketing tips or check […]

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direct mail design

Marketing Minute: Direct Mail Testing Best Practices

It is important to always be testing in your direct mail campaigns. In this Marketing Minute, Matt walks you through why testing should be a staple of your direct mail strategy. He also goes over several methods of testing, for businesses with both large and small budgets, that can potentially increase responses. To find more […]

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