Senior Living Communities

For over 50 years, Ballantine has been creating marketing strategies for a variety of clients. When it comes to Senior Living communities, we understand that building and maintaining a positive brand image is paramount in this industry. Positive reviews and online visibility are among the top challenges posed in this particular sector.

Learn how we create different strategies unique for each Senior Living community.

What Ballantine Has to Offer

Strategic Consulting

Our experts at Ballantine are well-versed in all aspects of marketing for Senior Living. The Ultimate Guide we created is a concise overview of what we can provide for your business. However, these services are always tailored to each client. We’ll give our expert advice and formulate a plan that meets your facilities’ goals and expectations.

Direct Mail Production

At Ballantine, we produce industry-leading direct mail campaigns. We understand the importance of maintaining a strict schedule without sacrificing quality. For our client, Sunshine Retirement Living, we rented data to target both residents and caretakers with direct mail campaigns. We focused on a tight radius in areas around the retirement locations.

Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing for Senior Living, it is important to keep updated and accurate Google My Business pages and Facebook pages per location. These pages will drive reviews, which are one of the most important aspects of a digital marketing strategy for Senior Living Facilities. Content, SEO rankings, PPC, email and your website are factors we consider when creating a marketing strategy for your senior living facility. Each strategy is then tailored to your budget and needs to create a personalized plan.

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