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Direct Marketing Strategies & Planning Based on our 50 Years of Experience


We take pride in helping our clients achieve the greatest level of effectiveness from their direct marketing efforts.

Setting clear goals and objectives is the first step in a process that allows us to develop cost-effective communications vehicles that build awareness, attract attention, and elicit responses.

At Ballantine, we call upon our nearly half century of direct marketing experience to provide you with the ideal mix of creative, print, digital, and mailing tactics that will not only meet budget requirements but will also help ensure the optimum response and marketing success.

By setting clear cut objectives, we will make sure that all of your goals are obtained. Maybe you’re not even sure what your plans for the company are in terms of direct mail and digital. Let us guide you and make you aware of the potential revenue that these campaigns could bring you.

We find that the best way to achieve success is to plan for the future. This way you know what to expect, how to expect it and when to expect it. By staying on task, taking your plan step-by-step, and sticking by our side, you’ll find that it’s not such a giant beast to tackle. Call Ballantine today for a consultation to get started!

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Featured Work
Here’s a magalog consulting project we worked with Group Publishing on helping them with creative strategy and direction.