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Your Guide to Google My Business and SEO

Your Guide to Google My Business and SEO

If you have a business in today’s world, you need to be present online. Some may feel that staying relevant on the Internet is tedious and requires a management team. With the growing worldwide web, it may be hard to stand out. Luckily, there are tools at your disposal to help you manage your business and reach consumers.
Google My Business is a very useful tool for any business owner to keep an up to date presence on the Internet and make it as simple as possible to connect with potential customers. Companies looking to build their base of local customers have found this avenue to be one of the top ways to reach prospects in their geographic area. We’ve provided a list of Google My Business features here for you so you can get a concise breakdown of what the benefits are for your business.

It’s Free

You may be wondering how much this service will cost you. The answer is nothing. It’s a very useful resource for your business, and it’s free, so there’s no reason to put your listing off another day.

Business Insights

You can get reports on how people are interacting with your business online which will help you to improve your tactics. Google My Business allows you to see how many views you’ve had, how many clicks and how many new followers. You can decide what’s working for your business and what is not.

Consistent Information

It allows you to make sure your business information is consistent throughout Google. That way when a customer looks on Google maps, search engine or Google+, all the information is the same. The hours of operation, location and contact information will be the same across the board.

Easy To Update

If you have to make changes to your business information, it’s easily done. If you make a change in one place, it will reflect across all locations. For example, if you update your phone number in Google Maps, it will be reflected on Google+.


Nothing is better than free advertising. Customers can leave reviews on Google+, and you can share that review all over the Internet. If you’re interested in advertising more, please check out our advice on Gmail advertising practices.

Give An Inside Look At Your Business

Post pictures and videos so that people can get a look at your products or location before they visit or purchase anything. You can even create a virtual tour or post reviews from past customers. Your business will look very professional and of a higher caliber.

Quick Information

All of your information is right at the customer’s fingertips. If it’s fast and easy, you are more likely to have a good traffic flow to your business. They can even click to immediately call your listed phone number.

Multiple Locations

If your business has more than one location, then Google My Business will make sure to clearly list each site. It will even tell the customer where the nearest location to them is at the time that they conduct the search.

Social Media

Google My Business is an excellent way to keep a consistent and straightforward Internet presence, but you may be wondering how to build more of a presence. One route is through social media. You can visit one of our other posts on keys to a successful social media campaign. Another is improving your search engine optimization.


Once you’ve completed your Google My Business profile, you have a much better chance of ranking higher when Internet users search for your business or using your keywords on Google. A well-rounded, detailed business profile with reviews not only improves your overall search engine rankings, but it also increases the chances your company will be listed in the Google Maps search feature. Being ranked in Google Maps can increase your brand recognition and awareness and give you even greater exposure. On occasion, Google includes Google Maps in the list of regular search results, bringing your name to even more Web users and allowing them to reach you with a quick tap on their mobile devices.
If you run a small, local business, and aren’t sure where to start, finishing your Google My Business profile should be the step. Sure, search engine optimization is important, but Google My Business offers your business an unparalleled opportunity to put your information in front of local customers and prospects.
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