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How Call Tracking Works & Why Your Business Needs It

Call Tracking for Marketers

Over 67 percent of marketers recognize that data-driven marketing improves the speed and accuracy of their objectives. It also has a dramatic impact on revenue. Brands that expect revenue increases are 2-2.5 times more likely to have consistent sales and marketing data.

This is likely because brands that understand the impact of their efforts on the different channels have the power to make the necessary adjustments and improvements. To be effective, this data must come from a number of different sources, including inbound phone calls.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Business call tracking lets you better understand where your calls originate from. You will be able to collect separate data that will show if the call came, for example, from social media versus a direct mail piece. You can even use call tracking for Adwords to gauge PPC success.

When customers contact you online, you can track their path on your website leading up to that contact. You can see which pages they visited and the content they engaged with on your site.  When someone contacts your business through the phone, however, you will not know how they found your brand unless you ask each customer individually. Analytic call tracking eliminates this step, giving you more accurate data and removing potentially annoying questions for the customer.

Call Tracking for Marketers

Why Does Call Tracking Work?

Using this analytics data, you can inform and improve your marketing strategy. The channels that did well driving customers and conversions can receive more funding and greater attention moving forward. The areas that did not perform as well as expected can adjust to better align with customer needs, and the results of the changes can be easily monitored through the call tracking.

How Does Ballantine Help with Call Tracking for Businesses?

When you work with Ballantine to design your campaign, you will be able to leverage call tracking software to improve your campaigns. With a straightforward and easy call tracking service to monitor, you can access your data right online. The platform allows you to select a phone number, that has been prescreened to assure you it has not been used by anyone else for a long time, to use on your different channels. When someone contacts any of your selected numbers, the call goes to you, but the platform automatically collects the data about the call’s origin.

Call Tracking for Marketers

From the call tracking platform, you can gather valuable data about the user, including the platform where they encountered your brand and where they place the call from. This data will then be compiled into graphs that clearly articulate your brand’s results.

Some customers become concerned that the number used for the marketing materials is not ‘their’ number. You must understand, however, that this tracker number will be triggered only when someone uncovers your brand through an organic activity. It drastically improves tracking and can give the brand a boost across marketing channels.

Bringing it together

  • Call tracking makes it easy to see which channels attracted your customers
  • By examining this tracking data, you can see which channels perform the best and which ones need work
  • You can improve your marketing strategy by modifying your weaker channels and appropriately investing in the stronger ones
  • With dynamic call tracking at Ballantine, you can get your data right online, making it easy to check progress
  • The number will only be uncovered by customers who find your brand organically, so do not worry about the number not being ‘your number’

Call tracking can be a very valuable tool for any brand that wants to better understand how customers react to their marketing efforts. The more insight you have into prospect engagement, the easier it is to target your marketing budget and develop a more efficient strategy. If you have any additional call tracking questions or want to take your marketing data to the next level and incorporate call tracking, contact us at Ballantine. We have decades of experience and are ready to help you reach your goals.

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