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Why is it important to have a high Google AdWords Quality Score?

Why is it important to have a high Google AdWords Quality Score? How much should I spend monthly on a Google Ads campaign to get good results? 

Impact! It makes your ad spend worthwhile.

That’s exactly what a high-quality Google Ad can do for your business. A high-quality Google Ad has the potential of getting you prime real estate on a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPS)…right at the top above any result from an organic search for your URL.

Just ask us here at Ballantine if Google Ads are a must-have in your marketing toolkit? Our answer is an absolute unequivocal yes! 

Done right, Google Ads provide a cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to reach a virtually unlimited, targeted audience. 

A Quality Ad Shows Your Value…and Takes Work 

But getting to the top spot takes strategy, expertise, bidding against your direct competitors for the use of the right, most powerful keywords, and continual auditing of your ad performance.

It also takes a high Google AdWords Quality Score, a 1-10 ranking that gives you a sense of how well your ad is ranking against other advertisers. 

Put simply, you have to know what you’re doing. 

Google evaluates the quality of every keyword. A high ranking (for example, 8 – 10 score) means you’ll show up higher in search results. A good Quality Score indicates you’ve optimized your ad to create a strong user experience. 

Google Looks at These 3 Components

Your Quality score is calculated based on the combined performance of 3 components: 

  • Anticipated Click-Through Rate (CTR) – The likelihood that a user will click your ad from the searched keyword 
  • Ad Relevance – How closely your ad is matched to the user’s search
  • Landing Page Experience – The relevance of the information on the landing page for the user who clicks on your ad

An “Average” or “Above Average” status rating for these categories means you’ve created a good ad.  “Below Average” means your ad needs improvement. 

And More…Extensions Also Up Quality

Extensions add important information about your business to the main text of your ad and give people more reason to choose your business. Anything from address or phone number to phrases like “Learn More” or “Free Quote” can get you better SERPs real estate, improved ranking, more click-throughs, and result in more qualified leads.  Google actually allows you to submit your ad with up to 10 extensions, then it will determine which 6 it will include. 

More Money for Less Cost

Keeping your focus on ad quality pays dividends and boosts your CTR, and you end up advertising with a lower cost-per-click.

To get traction from your Google Ad campaigns whether for one product or multiple products and initiatives, you should consider a monthly spend of anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. That span shows that no one size fits all. This is influenced by your business size, industry, and the life cycle of your product. 

Still, in a recent report, Google says quality ads produce an 800% return on investment for its advertisers—that means an $8 return for every $1 spent.

A Well-Managed Google Account Improves Quality

Of course, this all depends on how well you manage your account. That takes a skilled combination of art and science and often hours spent on the deliberate creation of every ad. 

To keep your Google Ads costs low and your returns high, you need to not only maintain your keywords list but also collect data for regular audits so you can optimize as your data indicate. 

Gain Maximum ROI With Reduced Cost

Your ads may consist of limited content, but they run high on strategy and best practices. 

That’s why we recommend that you turn to an agency like Ballentine. 

We understand Google’s ad framework and the strategies you need to produce quality ads—and quality ads are the ticket to getting your business the attention it needs. 

Call us and kick your Google Ads strategy into action.  

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