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What is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency?

What is a full-service digital marketing agency?


The total annual spend for digital marketing in the United States will reach almost $120

billion in 2 years. That suggests that companies will continue to sink more of their marketing

and advertising dollars into online channels and, as a result, some of that will flow towards digital marketing agencies.


Reliance on these agencies grows out of their potential cost effectiveness and ROI positive returns. That said, if you’re thinking of turning to one for your online advertising and marketing efforts, it’s wise to understand what a full-service digital agency does and how it compares to a niche agency.


One Stop Shop With Diverse Talent and Resources


A full-service digital marketing agency provides your business with a one-stop shop for online

marketing and advertising services. These include:


  • SEO
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing and advertising
  • Video marketing
  • We design and support


What’s more, a full-service digital marketing agency provides more than the tactical digital

marketing deliverables. It also delivers and oversees an integrated strategy that incorporates

these services to your best advantage. This multi-pronged approach allows you to launch a

coordinated effort that integrates your marketing and advertising initiatives. From SEO to PPC

to content or social media marketing and more, your strategies support one another to achieve

your overall goal like increasing your brand awareness, sales, conversion rates, revenue, and

overall business growth.


The average investment for a full-service digital marketing agency depends on the scope of services being offered, but budget for a range of $2,500 to $12,000 per month for small to midsize businesses looking for more leads. A large corporation, especially B2C, will typically spend a lot more because they gear some of their digital marketing towards brand awareness. 


Companies partner with full-service digital marketing agencies for several reasons:


  • Aligning their online marketing strategies
  • Improving their web marketing and advertising results
  • Maximizing the time of in-house team members
  • Broadening their use of digital marketing strategies
  • Accessing specialized skill sets in one place

Because the offerings of a full-service digital marketing agency are comprehensive, they lend

themselves well to a subscription type service that can meet your needs at various points of the

customer journey and the sales and marketing life cycle. For example, you might begin with

SEO services, incorporate PPC, and request the agency help manage your email and social

media marketing campaigns. That’s why it’s smart to partner with a full-service digital agency if

you’re looking to invest in more than one service on a long-term basis.


The Depth of Specialization, Risk of Fragmented Project Engagement


By comparison, a niche marketing agency specializes in one to two services and essentially has

a staff with expertise in one or two areas. In other words, if you hire a digital agency that

specializes in SEO and/or web design, you could not use them for those email and social media

services, and you would have to turn to another niche agency for those specific services.


The drawback is that you end up working with multiple teams at different agencies. You have to

deal with different work styles and teams operating in different places. You may be risking the

benefits of practices and communications based on similar styles and standards and the

proximity that facilitates a seamless process. Plus, it places the burden of coordinating various

components of your overall project goal on you. In a worse case scenario, it can result in lost

time, miscommunication and misunderstanding, and lower performance outcomes.


Make no mistake, though. Management and talent are strong at niche agencies. But because of

their specialization, they work particularly well for single-focus, one-time projects like a web

design or redesign.


Our Ballantine Service


As a full-service digital marketing agency, Ballantine can provide you with project convenience

that saves you time, optimizes service performance, and exposes you to the breadth of digital

strategy and account management services.


Our goal is to take the stress and hassle of getting your marketing right off your plate so you

can concentrate on what you do best … running your business, maximizing your expertise, and

delivering on your core services.


If you’re interested in taking your business to new heights, give us a call and let’s talk about our

many services offerings and how an integration of a few or many will help you grow your business. 

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