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What are Digital Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses?

What are digital marketing strategies for local businesses?

Online channels and strategies are the key to your success.

In today’s attention economy, visibility is imperative. Online channels and strategies are the key to your success.

Problem is: You may feel all thumbs when promoting yourself in the digital world. In the past, you built the customer base for your brick ‘n’ mortar business through word-of-mouth. Yes, WOM is still important. But to ensure prospects and customers are spreading the good word, they have to first know you’re there.

Today, with everyone online, digital marketing is the way to go. It’s the strategy we use to boost the visibility of our local clients. We know the landscape, and we’ve put together 5 tips to help you transition or ramp up your promotion via the digital world.

Reviews matter

Encouraging your customers to post online reviews and having a seamless review process in place is imperative. Delivering a 100%-plus customer experience is important. Having your customers talk about that experience and give you 5-stars is even better.

Google My Business: Visibility at a Glance

Having a presence on Google My Business (GMB) is a great way to get started with digital and get noticed. Make sure your GMB profile includes your correct address and up-to-date contact information.

No longer can you say, “We’re right next to Starbucks.” A precise address makes your location clear and gets your business spotlighted in the Map Pack.

You can also showcase products, services and special promotions and gather reviews on GMB quickly without having to go to your website.

Yes, Facebook

One caveat, though: Facebook generally requires a following and the “likes” that come with it. If you’ve been slow getting out of the digital gate, you may want to start with GMB and build a following before launching your Facebook business page.

Facebook is effective, however, if you do ads, which are a great way to get leads. They work particularly well for car dealerships, for example, who get tons of inquiries. We recommend reach ads that target the zip codes, towns, counties, and states in your service area.

LinkedIn: A Plus for Professional Services Businesses

Where do your ideal customers hang out? If you’re a professional services firm, the answer is likely LinkedIn. Insurance firms and physician and dental practices do well here.

Social. Email. Get the Good Word Out. Boost Search.

Creating content-filled website service pages (about 300 words) keeps your business front-and-center. Target these to specific communities, and segment even further: residents in a particular area, commuters, residents and commuters, even visitors.

When it comes to social media, less is more. The saturation of social posts and Facebook algorithms dictate this.  We recommend 1 social post per week.

Emails are a great vehicle to spread the word about your company. They add a personal touch, differentiate you from your competitors, and provide the option to send people to your website. Emails work particularly well with existing customers. A once-a-month newsletter delivered via email, for example, is very effective in keeping customers engaged.

Already Wearing too Many Hats?

An effective digital marketing strategy requires savvy about what works, consistent visibility, the flexibility to switch up to new tactics, and a lot of work.

Using the services of a digital marketing agency like Ballantine will help you maximize your online options and manage the moving parts.

We know the digital landscape.

Call us and take the important first step to bring more customers through your door.

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