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5 Proven Ways Cyber Monday Has Taken Over Black Friday!

5 Proven Ways Cyber Monday Has Taken Over Black Friday!

Black Friday – just the mention of the shopping holiday can send some retailers into a frenzy. While Black Friday used to be the king of the holiday shopping season, Cyber Monday has now moved in to become a favorite among holiday shoppers.
Though Cyber Monday began as a way for smaller retailers to compete with the deals that bigger brands offered on Black Friday, companies large and small can benefit from participating in Cyber Monday and advertising their deals online. Here are just a few of the ways that Cyber Monday has taken over Black Friday:

1. Cyber Monday Allows Brands To Reach Even More Customers

The Internet allows brands big and small from a variety of industries to reach their target customers online regardless of their location. That is part of what makes Cyber Monday such a great opportunity for retailers. Whereas consumers need to be physically close to a store location to take place in Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday allows consumers to take advantage of deals no matter where they live. Even retailers who participate in Black Friday may find it beneficial to also offer different deals online during Cyber Monday for those customers who are not able to shop at a physical store location.

2. Cyber Monday Levels The Playing Field For Smaller Brands

Cyber Monday helps smaller brands with smaller budgets provide deals during the holiday season. While large companies have the budget to create huge indoor and outdoor marketing displays and offer outrageous discounts on Black Friday, many smaller brands do not have the same budget. Cyber Monday makes it more affordable for smaller brands to offer holiday deals, and smaller brands can still develop successful marketing campaigns for their Cyber Monday specials as they have a variety of affordable digital marketing tactics to help build brand awareness and advertise their sales.

3. Cyber Monday Makes It Easier For Customers To Compare Prices

One of the biggest reasons that Cyber Monday has become so popular is that this shopping holiday makes it easy to compare prices across retailers. Bargain-hunters who go out on Black Friday in search of deals have to navigate multiple printed sales ads to find out where the best deals are. Then, they have to travel to a variety of store locations to get the best deals on all of the products they want to buy. With Cyber Monday, not only is it easier to compare prices between retailers, but internet shoppers do not have to leave their computer to purchase all of the items they want to buy.

4. Cyber Monday Allows For A Better Customer Service Experience.

Cyber Monday also allows companies to provide a better customer service experience. While it can be easy for retail workers to get overwhelmed and worn out during long Black Friday retail shifts, Cyber Monday allows for hassle-free shopping where customers can have a more positive shopping experience. Customers no longer have to wait in long lines or ask where products are located as they can browse and check out in a matter of moments from the comfort of their own home.

5. No One Wants To Get Trampled On Black Friday!

This simplest reason why Cyber Monday has taken over Black Friday is that Cyber Monday allows consumers to shop great deals on the internet from the comfort and convenience of their own home. Rather than waking up in the early hours of the morning, fighting for a spot in the parking lot, and waiting in line for hours to find and purchase their holiday gift items, consumers can browse and purchase online without having to fight the crowds.
Are you ready for Cyber Monday and Black Friday? Whether you choose to participate in both holiday shopping events or just want to focus your energy on one, the expert marketing team at Ballantine is ready to help you prepare your marketing for the big day using the best print and digital marketing tactics on the market.
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