Pay Per Click Marketing Tip

Marketing Minute: PPC Optimization Tip And Spring Direct Mail

In this marketing minute, Ryan walks you through a pay per click marketing tip that can save you money and ensure your lead generating efforts do not go to waste. For direct mail, Matt provides some strategies for your Spring direct mail fundraising efforts to produce higher donations. Subscribe to the Ballantine YouTube channel for […]

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PPC management strategy

Marketing Minute: PPC Negative Keyword Strategy & Best Practices

Ryan and new member to the Ballantine team, Josh, go over a PPC management strategy in this Marketing Minute. Pay per click marketing can be complex and many businesses fail to take advantage of the benefits it offers. Ballantine recognizes the importance of an effective PPC campaign in a digital marketing strategy and knows firsthand […]

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Postcard Marketing

Marketing Minute: Bing Ads and How to Boost Nonprofit Donations

Staying up to date on all the latest search engine updates is crucial for all businesses who use digital marketing. In this Marketing Minute, Ballantine’s Director of Digital Marketing, Ryan, explains a recent Bing Ads update that can help you target the right type of customers. Ballantine’s Director of Business Development, Matt, showcases a direct […]

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