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Houzz Marketing: This is Why Your Contracting Business Should Be on Houzz

A guide to marketing your contracting business

As a contractor, you’ve likely got enough on your plate when it comes to managing your current projects, taking on new ones, and seeking out new clients. Still, putting some time and effort into your online presence and your digital marketing is a must if you really want your business to take off. For contracting businesses, learning how to use Houzz for marketing will help your business show its work, engage with prospective clients, and boost awareness of your services.

Not sure where to begin when it comes to using Houzz for business? We’ve got some tips and tricks for you!

What is Houzz and Why Should It Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

If you’re unfamiliar with the Houzz platform, it can be helpful to think of it as a similar concept to that of Pinterest, but focused specifically on home design and home improvement. Just as users on Pinterest can view and “pin” ideas to their own individual boards, users on Houzz can add ideas to their “ideabooks”. For example, a homeowner interested in a kitchen remodeling project may select several photos as inspiration from Houzz to add to his or her “kitchen remodel” ideabook. Users can search for photos using specific keywords and tags relating to geographic location and design.

So, how can being on Houzz actually benefit your contracting business? For starters, Houzz contractors, those who create accounts on this platform, have the ability to upload their own photos, projects, and other content that they can then “tag” with specific keywords, locations, and even their business contact information. In this sense, users on Houzz can use the platform not only to find inspiration for their home improvement and design projects but to find local contractors for these projects as well. A project that you have already completed can easily be someone’s dream project and a part of their “ideabook”, prompting them to go with you because you’re a local contractor and they know they will get the results they want. And when you take into consideration that a whopping 40 million people use Houzz every day, the potential exposure your business could gain by being active on this platform is clear.

A guide to marketing your contracting business

Tips and Tricks For Successfully Marketing on Houzz

Now that you have a better understanding of the potential power of Houzz for your contracting business, you may be wondering how to use Houzz effectively and how to get more followers on Houzz.

One of the best pieces of advice you can follow for marketing on a platform like Houzz is to take plenty of high-quality photos of the work you complete and upload them to the platform often. This, along with selecting relevant keywords and tags for your photos, will increase your chances of prospective clients seeing your work and saving it to their ideabooks. It’s also essential that you add your website links, CTA’s, and different ways to contact your company on your Houzz page and in the captions of project photos.

When you create and post a project, you have the opportunity to include your company’s contact information, which can greatly increase your chances of having a Houzz user reach out to you for potential work down the road.

A great way of getting positive Houzz contractor reviews & fans is to reach out to past customers in an email and ask them to review you on the platform. Customer testimonials are highly valued and having people rave about your services will result in more customers and brand awareness. Simply send out an email blast with the link to leave a review on Houzz and ask them to follow you.

Finally, make sure to get involved in the Houzz community, especially in your areas of expertise. Aside from promptly responding to questions and comments on your own posts, take time to search for questions related to your expertise and answer them. Homeowners are constantly posting questions about various home improvement and design projects, and your professional knowledge can really come in handy. As an added benefit, getting involved in these discussions will also increase your visibility and authority on the platform.

Houzz is not yet supported by any social listening platforms, meaning that the content that you post can’t be scheduled or prepared in advance. It is important to have a team that is dedicated to growing your online presence and staying on top of your Houzz page.

A guide to marketing your contracting business

How the Ballantine Team Can Provide Houzz Help For Your Marketing Plans

When used correctly, getting involved on Houzz as a contractor can:

  • Help to market your business
  • Establish your name as an authority
  • Allow you to secure new clients
  • Manage your online presence

Of course, creating an entire Houzz marketing strategy can also be very time-consuming, which is where our marketing team at Ballantine can help. Allow us to build and manage your Houzz profile so you can focus on your business! Contact us today for more Houzz ideas and stay up to date on the best marketing tips for contractors!

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