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The Anatomy of a Great Email [Infographic]

Anatomy of An Email

Money spent on email marketing campaigns can provide you with a great ROI if your email marketing is executed correctly. Considering that 91 percent of people check their emails at least once per day, it quickly becomes clear why email marketing can be such an effective means of reaching prospective and existing customers. When emails are used appropriately, they can help nurture relationships that were started on your website, keeping the brand name in front of the prospective customer and encouraging them to continue to engage. Relevant, creative emails build the brand’s reputation as a leader and entice people to move forward with the purchase process. If you have not already been employing a strong email marketing campaign, here is all you need to know about the anatomy of a good email.

Anatomy of An Email

Email should be mobile friendly

  • More than half– at least 53 percent– of emails are opened on mobile devices
  • One-third of clicks that occur in an email happen on a mobile device

Make it happen

  • Use single column templates to make it easier for your email subscribers to read
  • Use small images that will not take up the entire mobile screen
  • Make sure any buttons are easy for mobile users to click
  • Avoid menu bars when possible, and make them mobile-friendly when unavoidable
  • Make sure the font size is easy to read on mobile
  • Use short subject lines with important eye catchers in the front

Email should be personalized

  • Emails that are personalized improve click-through rates by an average of 14%
  • Emails that are personalized will see an average of a 10% higher conversion rate
  • Simply personalizing your subject line will increase your open rate by 26%
  • Emails that are effectively segmented have demonstrated a 760% increase in revenue

Make it happen

  • Collect useful information on your form page– try to learn their goals and pain points
  • Develop thorough customer personas so you can understand who will be interested in what email
  • Create email segment designs for different populations such as by geography, roles, pain points, and budget
  • Deliver customers who do click through your email to pages that contain personalized information that matches their email

Email should be automated

  • B2C brands who use marketing automation have seen conversion rates that got as high as 50%
  • Messages that are automated earn open rates that are 70.5% higher than standard emails
  • The number of B2B business who employ marketing automation grew by 11x between 2011 and 2014
  • Over 75% of revenue generated from emails comes from campaigns triggered by consumer behaviors

How to make it happen

  • Align the content on your site with particular points in the buyer’s journey
  • Determine the likely intents of customers visiting particular pages on your site
  • Develop more content likely to help those at particular points of the journey
  • Send emails to these customers after they visit the key website pages when you know the interest is high.

Email should have a clear purpose

  • Having a call to action button, as opposed to a simple text link, can boost conversions by more than a quarter.

How to make it happen

  • Make sure that customers know what you want them to do with clear language
  • Have a CTA button that is enticing and colorful to encourage clicks.

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Email, when used correctly is a highly effective means of communicating with prospective customers and encouraging them to move further down the sales funnel. It drives more conversions than any other marketing channel. Knowing how to construct email anatomy and engage clients directly in their inbox will let you boost your revenue and build strong relationships. If you want to boost your marketing efforts with an effective email campaign, contact Ballantine. We’re experts in digital marketing and know the best way to create a successful email marketing campaign.

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