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The 7 Key Elements of a Successful Business Website

The 7 Key Elements of a Successful Business Website

Your website can say a thousand words about your business. But are they the right words? We’ve listed the 7 key elements you should consider to make sure your website is working for you – and not against you.

1. Clear Navigation

Isn’t it annoying when it takes forever to find something on a website? Make things easy on users and create simple, quick links that customers can use to navigate your website smoothly. Remember: too many clicks means not enough business. Aim to keep important information accessible in just three clicks or less so users enjoy navigating your site and will spend more time there.

2. Mobile-Friendly

We’re working in a mobile world–so your website should be too. Make sure your site is compatible on tablets, mobile phones and desktops to reach as many customers as possible. Your website theme should also be responsive so that it automatically adjusts to fit the device it’s on.

3. Consistency

You want to grab your customers’ attention, of course. But you also want to ensure that each page is consistent in design, content and theme. This gives a clean, streamlined and professional impression and is much more enjoyable for users.

4. Call to Action

Give your customers something to do! Want to drive sales? Provide links and information on sales and promotions that customers should take advantage of now. Want a larger, stronger client base? Encourage customers to sign up for your newsletter or to receive email updates on the latest news and sales.

5. Quality Content

What you say and how you say it are two of the most important elements of creating a successful website. Make sure your content is informative yet interesting to read. Don’t bore your customers to tears and don’t overdo the fluff. Finding the right balance is key and will entice your customers to keep reading on your site.

6. Quality Design

Your website design is key to the way your business will be perceived online. Ensure your design is well though out, professional, clean and relevant to your company. For example, a wellness center would likely choose design themes that emphasize a calm, healthy tone in line with their business, rather than an overly bright or vibrant design.

7.  Legitimacy and Trust

What’s the first thing you do when you land on a new website? If you’re like most people, you probably do a quick scan to make sure it’s not a scam. These days, customers tend to be guarded on new websites, so making sure your site conveys legitimacy is important. A big part of achieving this is paying attention to the details.

Make sure content is organized and grammatically correct, design should be consistent on every page, and include contact information and links to social media pages.

This all adds up to reassure customers and makes them feel safe on your website and comfortable trusting your services.

A website can be a great tool to maintain and grow a company. But it needs to be a great website. So put the time and money into making sure each element is as strong as possible. Once you’ve done that, your website will make a lasting, positive impression on customers and become a successful tool for growing your business.

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