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Social Media Through The Ages [Infographic]

Social Media Through The Ages

In reality, it wasn’t too long ago that social media was just a fad. Ten or fifteen years ago, many people thought it would die down in a year or two. Fast forward to 2017, and social media has become the driving source for human interactions — not only for human-to-human interfaces but also for business transactions. Today’s social media world is filled with a mix of marketing, political commentary, and social experiences. There are plenty of platforms, and, somehow, each platform has found its own niche in this social-centric environment. Do you know what social platform to use to target your customers? Get a better idea below:

Social Media Through The Ages

Social media isn’t going anywhere. If you’ve hidden yourself from the possibilities of its power, it’s time to step out into the light and realize the benefits that can be obtained from having a social presence on the internet. Your customers are online daily; they’re looking for tips and tricks, shareable stories, and interesting tidbits they can tell their friends about. In the end, well-executed social media excursions are simply invitations for free marketing. How you play that game, however, is up to you.

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