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Why SEO is Crucial for RV Companies

Advantages Of Direct Mail Marketing

Camping by fjordSEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is crucial for any company with a website that wants to generate targeted organic search traffic. After all, a steady flow of targeted traffic could result in a steady flow of leads and customers. And this also very much applies to RV companies, both dealers and manufacturers. More on this in a bit.

Build It & They Will Come

Very long gone are the days where you could build a website with some keywords on it and start ranking and getting traffic. Today’s landscape for website marketing and SEO is much more complex. You need an optimized website that is effective at converting and engaging visitors…you need to pick the right keywords and map them to the right pages…you need to promote your website and build backlinks…and you need to get social.

The Main Purpose of SEO

If you have a website, and most companies do, why not maximize the potential of the site? That’s the whole purpose of SEO. You decide which keywords are most relevant to your business and then you optimize your website for them. Over time, your website will start getting more and more traffic from searches relevant to the keywords you’re optimizing for. Besides being able to point customers or potential customers to a website, there’s no point in having a website if no one is going to find it.

13 Million Reasons

People are searching online like crazy for RVs and related vehicles. We searched for “buy an rv” (phrase match) in Google’s Keyword Tool. We did phrase match to account for all the variations of “buy an rv” such as when a searcher adds in a geography qualifier. For example: buy an rv in pennsylvania. Google came back with 800 keyword variations that were very similar to “buy an rv” and keywords that get searched for each month. The total search volume amongst these 800 keywords? 13 million! Consumers looking for an RV are going online to do their purchasing research and, as a result, RV dealers and manufactures absolutely need to be visible.

RV Market = Ideal For SEO

RV marketers are in a good position for SEO because your lifetime customer value is so high. In other words, it doesn’t take much to cover the costs of SEO. We don’t know the specific profit margins for the RV industry, but we’d anticipate just one sale of a large RV attributed to the website would cover Ballantine Digital’s SEO fees for the whole year.

Our Offer to You

If SEO is something you are even slightly interested in, let’s chat. We’ll do a free analysis of your website and make some specific recommendations. There is no obligation, but if you choose to allow us, we’ll help implement the recommendations for you full-service.

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