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Use PURLs to Catch Your Prospect’s Eye

Advantages Of Direct Mail Marketing

purl landing pagePersonalized URLs, or PURLs, are now an important strategy in both email and print marketing to deliver personalized content to potential customers. Implementing PURLs involves creating a specific landing page for each recipient in your campaign. The PURL itself can then be included in email marketing messages or on personalized print media.

PURLs can be specific to one person, so each of your customers has a unique PURL, or to certain groups of people, or to a specific marketing campaign. In the latter examples, the URL is tailored to a specific demographic or group of people, rather than to a single individual. The bottom line is that the PURL is an easy to remember URL that your potential customers are compelled to follow.

Why use PURLs?

Some URLs, especially if they aren’t for your home page, can be long and complex. PURLs are simple, so your prospect will be able to remember the PURL, and it’s not long and difficult to type into a browser. This is especially important if you are delivering your PURL over the radio, or on a billboard, where the reader has to remember the URL. PURLs directed toward an individual, because they utilize the person’s name, really grab the eye of your customer, and that’s what you’re driving for.

PURLs also provide you as a company a great advantage in tracking the response of your campaign. With PURLs targeted to individuals, you’ll know exactly who is accessing your web site, when they’re visiting and what they end up doing at your site. This valuable information will allow you to make relevant follow ups to the people that visit, as well as to those that don’t.

Adding PURLs

While PURLs can easily be added to email marketing messages, PURLs can also be added to print media through a digital printing process. This allows you to pull the personalized information from your marketing database and print tailored information, including addresses and PURLs. If your mail pieces aren’t printing digitally, you simply image the PURL onto the mailer, usually in the same pass as the address block to save money.

PURL Pricing

If you’re interested in getting pricing, please email Ryan Cote: [email protected]. If you have any questions, please also email Ryan or leave a comment below.

PURL Redirect

If you’re intrigued by PURLs, but you’re looking for an easy way to back into the technology, have you considered a personalized URL redirect?


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