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What You Need to Know About Podcasts and How to Connect Your Business

What you need to know about podcasts

Let’s talk about podcasts. This growing digital file medium tickles the ears of many a listener and proves valuable for your business. Through the ages, the power of the human voice to tell stories and transport us outside of our current reality has drawn a following.

Today, the ability to use voice online enhances blogs, websites and other platforms. Branding, advertising and other marketing goals, as well as communications among business colleagues, benefit from podcasts. The ability to connect with clients and employees becomes more personal through the use of voice-based podcasts as opposed to written text.

Below you will find several values to podcasts which you should know when deciding if this medium helps meet your business’s goals.


The Importance of Podcasts on Your Website

Modern day culture runs on the fast track with multi-tasking efforts raised to new standards. The portable podcast meets people where they are on this course. The ability to listen to an MP3 player as one enjoys a jog, completes mundane tasks or commutes to work fills a void.

Also, the podcast speaks to our on-demand culture with its ease and quickness of download, portability and personalization. Let’s face it, we want the things we want when we want them. In light of this, podcasts allow us to choose our content or program and meets us on-the-go where our schedule allows.

For others, this technology provides a needed respite from a sea of screens. Smart phones, tablets, computers or the HD television at home input a tremendous amount of visual stimulation into our lives. To simply listen transports us for a time. Yes, for free.


Why Podcasts are Important

This digital media continues to grow as a reliable medium for telling your story and developing a following. Through the use of narrative, you are able to connect with and draw an audience. If done with intelligence and a non-intrusive nature, a personal connection arises which leaves the listener wanting to hear more.

To tap this audience, podcasts reach into the empty spaces of life’s schedule. In fact, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and data indicate that “144 million Americans spend 52 minutes per day in cars, of which 76 percent of them are alone…this is largely untapped space.” And, consumers agree as evidenced by the use of podcasts during these alone times.

In addition, podcasts offer ease and less cost than other marketing efforts. For instance, written materials require time to creatively draft and possibly incur printing costs. And, while video proves to benefit your web presence, many factors such as lighting and background need to work to make this a quality production. Podcasts offer easy recording, quick editing and free posting.

Finally, podcasts not only address your target audience, but reap benefits within your company as well. Trainings and meetings conducted via podcast provide flexibility and tailoring to the needs of departments. Again, decreased cost, honoring busy schedules and creating a more personal connection come into play.


How Podcasts Impact Your Content

To read content and to hear it spoken evoke very different responses. Podcasts bring power to your words through tone and voice. Passion, commitment and interest in your product and listener are more easily conveyed through voice than written documents.

Also, podcasts enable you to best target your listener’s interests and listening habits to create value and hold their attention. You are able to offer education, information, inspiration, motivation or entertainment. And, you can relay the voice of your company, whether it be serious, funny, family-friendly, urgent or something completely your own.

Furthermore, consumers receive information through various means. The audio nature of podcasts allows your message and brand to reach across multiple channels. Creativity within the podcast brings opportunities for more dynamic content such as interview-style interactions. In a text-heavy, document-laden marketing campaign, the welcome break of podcasts engages potential clients in a fresh way.


How Podcasts Enhance Your Website

The use of podcasts leads to new clients, attracts new email list subscribers and boosts other desired business activities such as speaking engagements. In other words, this digital medium reaps rewards for your business.

An optimized title and meta-description attached to the podcast generates content for search engines. However, a transcription of the audio enhances the SEO value of podcasts through keywords in the written material. Plus, audio files breed written site content. Blogs written from the audio or mini-blogs composed from a breakdown of it offer plenty of SEO value.

Finally, ease of download, portability and personal interest lead consumers to listen. And, if they are choosing your podcasts, likely these consumers hear your message, are attracted to it and will heed your recommendations. After all, data reveals that we are indeed influenced by what we hear.

Creating this core community helps with cross sell and loyalty efforts as you work to deepen the relationship with these potential clients. Encouraging subscribers, sign-ups and fans with automatic and periodic updates, builds a network.

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