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Mobile-friendly Websites Rank Highly with Smartphone Users

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mobile-website-200x131Smartphones are fast becoming the way consumers shop for services and products, but many businesses have been slow to tailor their websites to mobile devices. Yet, according to a Google survey, a mobile-friendly website is a key asset to reaching new customers.

Of the consumers surveyed by Google, 72% stated that it’s important for companies to have mobile-friendly websites. From researching prices to making purchases, smartphone users are becoming more and more likely to do it on their devices.

It makes sense for consumers to use their smartphones for research on services and shopping. They save time and money by locating items or businesses quickly and can follow up with either a phone call or a purchase without having to leave home or the office, or even while waiting at the dentist’s office for example.

And mobile consumers are doing just that. The survey revealed that 79% of smartphone users do price comparisons on items and look up product information from their phones, with 74% making an actual purchase.

Consumers looking for local business information also use their smartphones to locate businesses, with 88% of them taking action on that information the same day by calling the business or visiting the local business location.

Developing a mobile-friendly website is no longer an option, it’s a necessity for businesses that want to grow their customer base. Mobile ads are also having an effect on consumer habits. A stunning 83% of mobile consumers say they notice mobile ads and half of those consumers respond to those ads. In fact, 49% of mobile consumers who notice a mobile ad, will make a purchase.

In order to effectively reach out to mobile consumers, businesses need to make sure they can be found on mobile searches, have local information available and develop a mobile-friendly website that makes it easy for mobile consumers to find the item they seek and purchase it.

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