Travel & Leisure Companies

Companies in the travel and leisure industry want to connect with potential customers for many reasons:

  • Cruise companies want to highlight the exotic locations they sail to and luxurious accommodations on their ships
  • Tour operators also want to showcase the locations where they operate, but also give potential customers a taste of the activities they’ll participate in
  • Companies who rent RVs and campers want to show customers the freedom of road living
  • Local tourism boards want to show off their local landscape, as well as available dining, lodging, and activity options for travelers

Direct Mail Solutions and the Travel and Leisure Sector

Direct mail is a perfect way to introduce potential customers to your travel and leisure company.  No matter what segment of travel and leisure your company is part of, direct mail can put your offerings in front of potential customers. It’s an opportunity to get recipients excited about your offerings.  The look and feel of your direct mail piece are critical, because a recipient may discard the piece without opening it if it doesn’t wow them. Today’s direct mail solutions allow for personal customization, so you can tailor your message to each recipient quickly and efficiently.  The increase in printing quality means that glossy pictures of exotic locations are less expensive to print and still look fantastic.

Direct Mail Options for Travel and Leisure

The goal of any direct mail campaign is to convert recipients into customers.  This starts with lead generation, which in turn starts with grabbing the attention of the recipient as soon as he receives your package.  First impressions are critical, so high print quality, gorgeous photos, and textured papers give recipients an excuse to linger over your materials. Catalogs are a mainstay of direct mail marketing campaigns for travel and leisure companies, but postcards, self-mailers, and other form factors can be used to highlight individual services or alert recipients to special offers. Ballantine can help you determine the best way to present your services to your customers and wow them from the first look.  Ballantine has been working with customers for over 50 years on a variety of direct mail packages, so they have the expertise to recommend the right strategy for you.