Insurance Companies

Insurance is a broad field, and companies want to get their message in front of people in their respective niche.

  • Companies in the consumer auto and home insurance market want customers to understand the risk of being uninsured or underinsured and the peace of mind that the right insurance brings
  • Health and dental insurance companies also want customers to understand the risk of being uninsured or underinsured, but also need to apply their messages to businesses who provide insurance options for their employees
  • Companies that focus on the commercial insurance market share the importance of property and liability insurance and often tailor their message and benefits to specific industries

Direct Mail Advertising and Insurance Companies

Direct mail has been a key facet of the marketing strategy for the insurance industry for a long time.  Whether the target is the individual, an employer, or a business, insurance companies use direct mail to inform the recipient of the risks of being uninsured or underinsured and to highlight how their company can provide insurance solutions. Because today’s digital printing solutions allow for detailed customization, a marketing strategy can include direct mail highly personalized for a specific demographic or company type.

Direct Mail Solutions for the Insurance Industry

For insurance companies, direct mail solutions can serve a variety of purposes. A standard #10 letter package is often used by companies targeting individuals for life insurance.  The package highlights the risks of not having insurance and shows how their company can provide peace of mind.  Commercial insurance companies may use non-traditional mailers to reach out to a specific type of business and then follow up with other forms of contact.  Health insurance companies may use postcards to alert their customers to upcoming events or enrollment periods. Ballantine has been working with a wide variety of insurance companies for decades and knows what works and what doesn’t for many industries, so they can design an approach that is perfect for your business and your customers.