Fundraising Organizations

Many organizations and industries rely on fundraising to subsidize their operations, raise money for capital campaigns, or fund special programs.

  • Colleges and schools use fundraising campaigns to increase their endowments and encourage alumni to give back to their alma mater.
  • Humane societies use fundraising to cover operating expenses and expand their services.
  • Relief organizations use fundraising to quickly raise money after a disaster to help victims as quickly as possible.
  • Political organizations use fundraising to subsidize campaigns and to support the passage of legislation that matches their platform

Fundraising with Direct Mail

Direct mail has been an important tool of fundraising organizations for decades and provides a simple and effective way to put a message in front of a potential donor. However, the design of a direct mail piece is critical.  If a recipient doesn’t immediately connect with a piece, it might be discarded before it is even opened. Today’s advances in direct mail development, such as digital printing to create personalized mail pieces, allow organizations to target and engage recipients like never before. Print quality has increased, so mailers can be more attractive and compelling. Direct mail services can be combined with email marketing and personalized URLs to create a comprehensive campaign, reaching potential donors through multiple channels.

Direct Mail Services for Fundraising

For organizations developing fundraising campaigns, cost efficiencies are critical in order to maximize the net proceeds of the campaign.  Ballantine works with organizations to develop compelling direct mail packages that will catch the eye of the recipient and encourage them to make a donation.  Whether the package is a standard #10 envelope with letter and response card or other formats, such as postcards, catalogs, self-mailers, or a uniquely designed mailer, Ballantine can provide a variety of options to choose from to deliver your fundraising message in an effective and cost-efficient way. Ballantine draws upon 50 years of direct mail experience to recommend the right direct mail strategy for your message and your organization.