Associations bring together people with the same interests, background, or industry, so while the background of the associations can vary widely, they have commonality in the messages they want to share in their marketing campaigns.

  • Associations want to share the benefits of membership to potential members and retain the ongoing renewal of existing members
  • Associations that are involved in public outreach want potential recipients of that outreach to be aware of the services and benefits they provide
  • Associations may conduct fundraisers (through membership and/or the public) to raise funds for operational expenses or special campaigns

Direct Mail Services & Marketing for Associations

No matter what the goal, direct mail can help associations get their message out to the right recipients. Associations can use direct mail to solicit new members or to encourage existing or lapsed members to renew by highlighting the benefits membership provides to individuals and the services that the association provides to the public.

Direct mail is a perfect way to introduce potential customers to your travel and leisure company.  No matter what segment of travel and leisure your company is part of, direct mail can put your offerings in front of potential customers. It’s an opportunity to get recipients excited about your offerings.  The look and feel of your direct mail pieces are critical, because a recipient may discard the piece without opening it if it doesn’t wow them. Today’s direct mail services allow for personal customization so that you can tailor your message to each recipient quickly and efficiently.  The increase in printing quality means that glossy pictures of exotic locations are less expensive to print and still look fantastic.

Direct Mail Options for Associations

A standard #10 mailer package is a mainstay of association membership and renewal drives.  These packages usually include a letter, a response card, and a response envelope. Because of the advances in digital print processes, letters and mailers can be personalized to the recipient to increase the effectiveness of the message.  Lists can be highly segmented, with different messages going to different segments all while retaining a common look and feel of the overall campaign. Over the last 50 years, Ballantine has been working with a wide variety of associations. Based on that experience, they can create a direct mail campaign that will focus and engage your potential members and donors like never before.