Toy Manufacturers and Distributors

Companies that manufacture and/or distribute toys want to connect with buyers for many reasons, including:

  • To create brand awareness and improve favorability of the brand
  • To let potential customers know about new additions to existing product lines and the launch of new product lines
  • To highlight partnerships with other brands or retail outlets

The goal of this connection is to get the potential buyer’s attention, get them excited about the brand, and guide them towards purchasing the product.

Digital Marketing Goals for Toy Companies

Digital marketing is a critical portion of a marketing strategy for any consumer product, and toys are no exception. Kids (end users) and parents (buyers) spend a significant amount of time online, and digital marketing can put toy products in front of these customers through a variety of channels. The main goal for toy manufacturers and distributors is to create and grow brand awareness and drive customers to purchase their products. Therefore, a digital marketing strategy must be developed with this goal in mind, and often must mesh with other marketing channels outside the digital realm.

Digital Marketing Options for Companies in the Toy Industry

Since the main goal of a marketing strategy in the toy industry is brand awareness, it is critical to use many launch digital marketing campaigns on various channels to reach the maximum number of potential customers repeatedly. These channels include:

  • Social media – Facebook, Instagram, You Tube through regular postings and sponsored content
  • Display advertisementsPaid search, banner ads
  • Influencer outreach – Bloggers (reviews, unboxing videos), brand partnerships, retail partnerships

The use of multiple marketing channels ensures that potential customers see the marketing message in multiple ways over a period of time. Ballantine has been on the leading edge of developing digital marketing strategies and has the expertise to develop an effective digital marketing strategy to maximize your brand awareness.