Technology & Software Companies

Depending on the end user, technology and software companies could be developing marketing strategies to target consumer buyers, commercial buyers, end users, or a combination. However, either approach can benefit from digital marketing solutions as part of an overall strategy. These companies want to:

  • Let potential customers know about new product releases or updates/upgrades to existing products
  • Educate potential customers about the benefits of their products and about issues that their product can solve
  • Show customers how their products have helped other customers

Digital Marketing Goals for Technology/Software Companies

Digital marketing is a natural fit for top companies in the technology/software industry because their potential customer base is often tech savvy, and uses the internet to actively research potential purchases. End users of a technology or software products want to know that the product they are looking at will solve a problem, so any marketing campaign needs to show what the company understands the needs of the end user and the industry and that the product or service being marketed meets those needs.

Digital Marketing Options for Technology/Software Companies

Because potential customers of technology and software solutions are using the internet to research their future purchases, digital marketing is the best way to ensure potential customers are seeing your products. Paid search and banner ads can ensure that your products are visible when these potential customers are looking for solutions. Long form blog posts, articles, and white papers provide thought pieces that position your company as an expert in your industry. Social media allows you to let potential users know about new product offerings, updates, and case studies.

Ballantine has been a leader in digital marketing solutions for technology and software companies and can help you develop a digital marketing strategy that will educate and inform potential customers, as well as generate leads and guide prospective buyers into the sales funnel.