Senior Living Communities

Companies in the senior living industry develop marketing strategies to generate brand awareness and create leads for their communities. These companies want to:

  • Highlight the facilities they operate and the services they provide
  • Show how their offerings can provide peace of mind to family members
  • Educate family members about the process of transitioning seniors to an assisted living environment

Digital Marketing Goals for Senior Living

Organizations that operate senior living facilities use digital marketing strategies to generate leads for their facilities and services, and digital marketing is a critical portion of any overall marketing strategy. Senior living organizations need to show potential customers that they are knowledgeable about and excel at senior care, that they offer high-quality facilities and services, and that they genuinely care about the health and welfare of their residents. Any digital marketing content should be designed in such a way so family members know that their senior will be happy, healthy, and well taken care of.

Digital Marketing Options for the Senior Living Industry

Because the primary goal of digital marketing services in the senior living industry is lead generation, it’s important to use several social media channels to reach the greatest number of potential leads.  Outlets such as Facebook and Instagram can be used to share information about the facility, activities, and events in a visual manner, and YouTube can provide virtual tours of any senior living apartments and communities. In addition to social media posts, paid advertising can get the message in the view of potential leads, and long form blog posts can educate family members and help them navigate the process of moving their loved ones to assisted care. All of these channels are used to guide family members towards requesting additional information or a facility tour.

Ballantine has developed marketing content for a variety of senior living properties and can create a digital marketing campaign to improve your brand awareness and increase leads for your communities.