Manufacturing & Industrial Companies

Unlike companies marketing consumer products and services, companies that focus on manufacturing or industrial products and services are usually marketing to a commercial customer.  However, companies in the B-to-B space have many of the same goals as B-to-C companies:

  • Educate potential customers about the benefits of their products and services
  • Let potential customers know about new product offerings that they may be interested in or improvements to existing product offerings
  • Position themselves as a thought leader in their industry, educating potential customers about issues and solutions specific to their industry

Digital Marketing Goals for Manufacturing/Industrial Companies

Like any organization, companies in the area of manufacturing or industrial products and services want to increase brand awareness and guide potential buyers into the sales funnel.

Potential buyers of manufacturing or industrial products and services want to know that the offering they are looking at will solve a problem that they are concerned with, so digital marketing content needs to show that the company understands the needs of these industries and that the product or service being marketed is appropriate for those needs.

Digital Marketing Options for Manufacturing/Industrial Companies

While B-to-B marketing does require a different mindset than B-to-C marketing, many of the same tactics and channels can be employed. Because potential customers of manufacturing and industrial services are going online to learn about solutions to their technical issues and find companies that can help, digital marketing is the best way to get your products in front of these potential customers. Paid search and banner ads will put your company and your products and services front and center when these potential customers are looking for solutions. Content pieces in the form of SEO blog posts, articles, and white papers show potential customers that you are an expert in your industry and understand the issues specific to that industry. Social media can be used to show potential users new product offerings, updates, and case studies.

Ballantine, an expert in digital marketing strategies, can help you develop a strategy to educate potential buyers about your product and service offerings, show that you are an expert in your industry, and turn people searching for answers into leads for your business.