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How to Create the Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

How to Create the Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

Takeaways For Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Like most annual New Year’s resolutions, creating the best holiday marketing plan can get lost in the fast pace and immense distraction that busy holidays bring. Your solution: get started now–with inspiration from the best digital marketing campaigns, tactics, and email marketing campaigns seen this year.

Tell Your Story, Share Your Passions, Include Humor

Purchasing decisions today are far from simple. Your future clients need more than product feature information when deciding to support your company with their business. Customers want to know about the company behind their purchase. Clients can show great loyalty to brands, services, and products whose stories (and storytelling ability) resonate with them. The ‘About Us’ page is not enough in terms of transparency, detail, or up-to-date storytelling. Create a real, human-type relationship between your brand and customers throughout your content.

Use Video Often and Everywhere

Video is the most dynamic medium to draw your prospects into your brand community — and holiday digital marketing should be no exception. Unsurprisingly, almost all consumers (90 percent) say product and brand videos influence purchase decisions. Online tools and software have evolved to make creating digital video marketing content easier than ever. Most brands can include at least some casual, seemingly unscripted or offbeat content – perhaps the quickest and easiest to produce. You can even tie-in video content with direct mail marketing pieces.

How to Create the Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

Create Interactive and Expiring Content

Interactive content like opinion polls, quizzes, etc. fuel more conversions than static content. VR (virtual reality) experiences will be the ultimate in interactive, immersive content–but it’s not pervasive quite yet. Enhance excitement and urgency around your content (and your stories) with expiring content on sites like Instagram or Snapchat.

Automate Marketing/Content Publishing

Automate marketing to ensure spot-on timing (for selling at the holidays and beyond). You’ll also save time and money by being organized and planning posts ahead.

Holiday Marketing Plan Takeaways

Now is the time to ask yourself, “how can I level up my holiday marketing in 2017 – 2018?” The best digital marketing campaigns, particularly those keyed to the upcoming holiday season, will:

  • Tell stories about your company, products, services, mission, activities and more.
  • Significantly boost your website’s Google ranking using original, live video content. According to Cisco research, over 80 percent of internet traffic will consist of video by 2021. Currently, nearly 75 percent is video.
  • Provide a consistent experience across devices and locations, from desktop to smartphone to in-store.
  • Consider using casual, creative and even humorous marketing communication.
  • Make your marketing campaigns easy to manage (even during the holiday rush) with automation–and/or consider hiring a consultant to make this the best holiday season ever for your business.
  • Grow your bottom line with quality, loyal, long-term customers.

How to Create the Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

Springboard Your Digital Marketing for the Holidays

Holiday digital marketing campaigns have begun, so don’t get lost in the crowd. To create the best email marketing campaigns and innovative holiday digital marketing strategies, let Ballantine help. Whether you need help in specific digital marketing areas or full-service holiday marketing, we’ll help you create seasonal excitement around your products or services.

At Ballantine, our customized digital and content marketing services include expert SEO built around your ideal keywords. We create integrated holiday marketing campaigns across email, social media, your website and effective direct mail. Get your holiday marketing plan started off right, and give your campaign time to develop and soar. We are passionate about creating the best digital campaigns, and simply the best marketing campaigns for our clients.  Contact Ballantine for creative holiday marketing plans with flawless implementation, today.

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