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How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

Q: How much does digital marketing cost?

A: You Get What You Pay For!

If you’re shopping around for agencies to help you with digital marketing—the marketing every business needs for your online presence—listen to a little voice in your head. It’s saying or should be, “You get what you pay for.” 

That pretty much sums it up when it comes to your digital marketing campaign. You have to know marketing channels, SEO, and what combination of services will work best for your business.

  • How many channels 
  • How much content creation on each channel
  • Do you want content marketing with blogs and newsletters; email and/or social media marketing and how much
  • How about online advertising with Google Ads and Pay-Per-Click (we usually recommend them tailing a blog post)
  • And with SEO, do you focus on your website or Google My Business listing—or both
  • How effective is your website at converting visitors into inquiries

Beyond that, there’s recognizing that each digital marketing agency has a different method of approaching online marketing. Hourly rates and the number of hours vary. There are multiple techniques with varying timeframes to achieve results. 

Tough to go it alone

It’s a lot to pull together. That’s why it’s hard to go it alone, especially if you’re a small or mid-sized business without a marketing department. Plus, it’s an investment. And you obviously want lead gen, ultimately sales…put simply, ROI. 

Price differences abound

There are cheap options for digital marketing, but at what cost? And along with cheap comes limited access and no team like a Ballantine to schedule strategy sessions to evaluate and communicate progress to goal.

Let’s face it. When you see SEO ads at both $99 and $1000, you’ve got a real gap. We’re betting that’s not only in price, but also in the depth of service and likely high versus low quality. Best rule of thumb: Talk to a few agencies. And go in armed and listen to that little voice in your head. When it comes to digital marketing, you get what you pay for!

At Ballantine we respect and take stock of your goals and your budget. Let’s start a conversation about the possibilities.

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